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How to Make Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor

If you want to decorate your kitchen with a country feel, consider making rustic kitchen wall decor. Upcycled coffee bean sacks, wooden pallets, and chalkboards are some of the materials that you can use. You can also buy reclaimed wood pieces. You can use them to create unique wall art. And if you want a unique and inexpensive way to decorate your kitchen, you can try using Mason jars.

Upcycled coffee bean sacks

If you’ve ever sat at your dining room table and noticed that your chairs are covered in black fabric, then it’s probably time to look into upcycled coffee bean sacks for kitchen wall decor. Not only do these sacks have a rustic charm, but they’re also a very affordable alternative to a designer bag. Not only that, but you can reupholster them, making them the perfect addition to your study, patio, or kitchen.

Reclaimed wood

If you want to add a little rustic flair to your kitchen, you should think about creating wall art from reclaimed wood. This versatile material can be used for any project. From accent walls to kitchen cabinets, it can bring a rustic flair to any room. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also turn reclaimed wood into accent furniture. To create an interesting accent wall, try mixing and matching different finishes and colors of pallets.


If you want rustic kitchen wall decor that is fun and interactive, you should try making a chalkboard. A scrap piece of wood is the perfect material to use. Use a sponge brush to paint the board. Then, use a white paint pen to draw dotted lines on the board. Then, place hooks evenly around the front of the board. Once the chalkboard is dry, you can start adding notes to it!

Wooden pallets

If you have a beautiful kitchen that is in need of rustic décor, you can build a gallery wall using wood from wooden pallets. Pallet wood can be painted and hung at different heights to give the look of driftwood. Alternatively, you can hang framed photographs on them to create a stunning gallery display. Depending on your design style, pallet wood wall decor can be made to match your other accessories, such as a framed picture or painting.


Plants can be a striking part of your rustic kitchen wall decor. Hang potted herbs or a display of your herb garden on a shelf. Alternatively, use your mum’s best china for a decorative touch on your kitchen walls. The best type of plant to display is a climbing plant, which will cascade down the wall from a painted dowel. Alternatively, you can display potted plants on tacks or nails.


To create tassels, you can use cotton twine. Cut the twine into 35″ lengths. Tie a knot in one end and use the other end to wrap the yarn around the dowel rod. Continue wrapping the yarn until the length is about one foot longer than the length of the dowel rod. You can then trim the excess yarn and hang the tassels in the kitchen or living room.

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