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How to Make Modern Furniture Look Rustic

There are many ways to combine modern and rustic styles. You don’t have to pick one over the other. The internet is full of inspiration to get you started. Incorporate layers of texture, a neutral color palette, and a distressed wood finish. You can even use gold spray paint. Here are a few examples of how to mix modern and rustic furniture successfully. But, do keep in mind that this style mix isn’t suitable for all furniture.

Layering textures

It may seem like a difficult task to combine the rustic and contemporary styles of furniture, but there are ways to bring the two together. For one, try layering textures, such as wood, rattan, and linen. These materials can create magic when used in the right combination. In the same way, you can also use color and print to create a rustic look in a dark room. Secondly, consider using lighting in the room to add more texture.

While furniture is the main focus of this technique, you can also play with textures in other pieces in your space, including mirrors, ornaments, sculptures, and vases. For instance, a modern dining room table can be paired with an ornate antique mirror. For lighting, you can combine an antique chandelier with modern furniture, or stripes and florals on a mirror. Once you have the basics down, you can start layering.

Neutral color palette

If you’re trying to bring a more natural feel to your modern furniture, consider using a neutral color palette. Neutrals are shades that lend themselves to a variety of decorating styles, including bohemian, Scandinavian, and rustic. Neutral paint colors are versatile and will match the furnishings in any room. They’re also very easy to match to existing decor, making them a perfect choice for many types of rooms.

If you’re looking to create a rustic feel in your room, go for a muted color palette and a few accents. For example, an exposed brick wall with an open goblet fireplace and a curved wooden seat will look great together. A rustic coffee table with a copper pipe accent will add charm to your room. Use accent colors to add interest to your space, such as turquoise couch blocks and copper pipe details. You can also use muted wood and colored abstract paintings to add some color to your space. A charcoal TV cabinet painted in a muted color will look great against a muted wood finish. Add a few throw pillows in mustard or mint to balance out the room’s color scheme.

Distressed wood

If you’re interested in creating a rustic look in your home, distressed wood is a great way to achieve this look without sandpaper. There are several ways to distress wood, and most of them involve damaging the surface of the wood. Wire brushing, for example, makes deep indentations in the wood, which resembles weathered barn wood. A chain beat will create subtle indentations, and a rag filled with sharp nails will produce small divots.

When applying a distressing finish, you want to use the lightest amount of paint possible, which means that you need to use a dry brush. It’s important to use a light touch and to keep the paint in the right places because it’s important not to overdo it. The chippy look is the result of a two-step process, which requires more restraint than using a wet brush. Once the furniture is dry, you can finish it with a protective varnish or other finish.

Gold spray paint

There are a number of ways to make modern furniture look old. Gold spray paint can be used to give the entire piece a distressed, antiqued look, or it can be used to accent a specific part of the piece. You can also apply marble contact paper to the piece, which you can purchase from a home improvement store or online. Before painting, you will need to take care to remove any rust from the piece. In some cases, you can even apply an acidic solution to the surface to remove any rust.

While applying gold spray paint to upholstered furniture may seem tricky, it’s actually easy to do. By following a step-by-step tutorial, you can make a chair look completely new within an afternoon. Alternatively, you can use metallic-like rose gold spray paint. This way, you can bring the glam of old gold furniture into the contemporary era, without having to buy a new chair or spend a ton of money.

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