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How to Make Mid-Century Modern Furniture With Rustic Fence Boards

If you’re looking for ideas for decorating your home with Mid Century Modern furniture, you can take a hint from the era by adding Shiplap fence boards. These boards add texture and dimension to the room while creating a rustic contrast with subway tile or wood accents. You can also incorporate a hint of livable luxury into the space by pairing rustic wood with modern subway tile. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to mix and match rustic fence boards with other furniture pieces.

Shiplap fence boards add texture and dimension

If you’ve been looking for ways to update your home’s exterior, consider adding shiplap fence boards. These boards, made of wood with a rounded edge on the tongue side and a chamfered edge on the groove side, give your home a traditional feel while adding texture and dimension. You can buy shiplap panels from lumberyards or home centers, and installation is relatively easy.

Shiplap planks can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be used as a ceiling treatment, accent wall, or backsplash. They can also be used as a fireplace surround or as wainscoting accents in the bathroom. The textured wood will bring a rustic look to the room, while also adding a sense of sophistication. They’re also perfect for a farmhouse-style kitchen, which has exposed brick and natural stones.

Subway tile and wood accents create a rustic contrast

Rustic and midcentury styles can work together perfectly. For a more rustic feel, use wood accents with modern pieces of furniture. The living room of Jessica Nelson Design is an example of this. The living room has a colorful rug, a midcentury modern lounge chair, and a wood plank accent wall. The rustic elements are accentuated by wooden accents on the walls and in the kitchen.

The use of wooden shiplap paneling is a classic element of farmhouse decor. While usually installed horizontally, this style can also be installed vertically. The combination of dark indigo wood shiplap paneling and framed vintage botanical prints in warm wood tones creates an interesting contrast. While white subway tile matches the cabinetry, the use of wood accents and other rustic elements provides a fresh, airy look.

Adding a hint of livable luxury

Decorative mirrors are a great way to add a hint of livable luxury to a living room. A large round mirror with a metallic starburst design is a classic MCM-inspired piece. Curved furniture is also a great way to bring in midcentury flair while softening more angular and modern pieces.

Midcentury rustic decorating can be tricky, but mixing the two styles can create beautiful combinations. For a modern cabin-style living room, try a rustic-styled rug and a sleek wooden chair. Or, consider a rustic bathroom. An accent wall of wood planks, such as this one from Emily Henderson Design, can add a hint of rustic vibes to a midcentury-style bathroom.

Keeping a color scheme consistent

To achieve the look of a midcentury cabin in a modern setting, try mixing rustic and midcentury styles. A midcentury modern fireplace with an exposed wood beam on the ceiling and a light wooden countertop will give the room a more rustic vibe, while a SMEG brand refrigerator will fit in well with the midcentury modern look. Keeping a color scheme consistent when making mid-century modern furniture with rustic fence boards is important to avoid looking like you’ve slapped a sloppy jumble of colors together.

When mixing styles, keep in mind that you’ll want to stay true to your original color palette. You may want to use neutral-colored walls in the room and a deep muted color on larger items to contrast with the rustic style. You can also use bright colors for accent pieces, but make sure to stay away from bright hues. Instead, use a palette of three primary colors that match the existing furnishings in the room.

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