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How to Make IKEA Furniture Look More Rustic

You can make IKEA furniture look more like custom furniture with the help of a few DIY projects. If you are looking for a unique way to redo your home, you can paint it or apply wood stain. Changing the top panels of a piece of furniture can also be done to make it look more rustic. And if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can use a drop cloth to protect the floor.

Reusing IKEA furniture

Reusing IKEA furniture to make it more rustic is a great way to add unique accents to your home without breaking the bank. You can buy affordable IKEA furniture like a shoe cabinet or hallway table and transform it into a rustic accent piece. The base and casters make it very versatile. To create the desired rustic look, simply use leather cabinet pulls on the doors. If you don’t want to use real leather, try using faux leather or wood-colored fabric.

Painting IKEA furniture

Before you start painting your IKEA furniture, you should disassemble it. This way, you can paint all visible parts and avoid awkward angles. After disassembling the furniture, you should wipe it with a lint-free cloth to remove all dust and dirt. Also, make sure you label every piece. You can paint the entire piece or just the visible parts. If you are painting the whole thing, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, but disassembling it may require some time.

Applying wood stain to IKEA furniture

Before you can begin applying wood stain to your IKEA furniture, you must make sure that the wooden components are made of real wood rather than veneers. To achieve the best results, set up a work area. Once you’ve created the necessary working environment, sand down the surface of the furniture. This will enable the stain to penetrate deeper into the wood. To avoid damaging the surface, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Changing the top panels of a piece of furniture

You can add character to your IKEA furniture by changing the top panels. For example, changing the top panel on a nightstand can add style and elevate a bedroom. Changing the top panels on a dresser or chest will add texture to a room and blend the combined pieces for a seamless look. The bottom panel will remain the same. If you want to save money, you can even paint the pieces and use different finishes.

Adding chevron stencil

If you are in the market for IKEA furniture, you may want to consider adding a chevron stencil to it. You can also add a faux drawer front if you prefer. Natural wood can be a beautiful option when it comes to updating furniture. It can add an extra touch of style and character to inexpensive pieces. In fact, natural wood can even make inexpensive pieces look more expensive.

Sealing wood stain to IKEA furniture

If you have recently purchased IKEA furniture, you will probably want to seal the wood. There are several ways to do this. Depending on the type of wood you have, you can use an oil or water-based penetrating sealer. You can also use a film finish. Both of these methods will prevent the wood from becoming sticky. If you want to use a water-based stain, however, you will need to use a higher-quality wood stain.

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