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How to Make Home-Made Rustic Modern Patio Furniture

There are many ways to make homemade rustic modern patio furniture. One option is to recycle wood planks or steel drums. Then, you can paint them or stain them as desired. A sectional is also possible using recycled materials, such as a wooden crate or steel drum. In this DIY project, you can use different types of wood and stain them to create a unique piece of outdoor furniture.

DIY sectional

If you’re looking for new ways to spruce up your patio, you can make some DIY rustic modern patio furniture, too. Using pallets and other wood products, you can create a unique outdoor bench or a planter box. You can even build a ladder-style shelf and use it as a storage box or outdoor dining area. To make it even more functional, add decorative pillows or cushions. Alternatively, you can use the pallets to create a ladder-style storage box.

Recycled wood planks

Recycling old wooden planks is a great way to create homemade rustic modern patio furniture. Instead of chopping down trees to make furniture, you can turn them into unique, stylish pieces. If you don’t have enough pallets to make benches, you can purchase cheap, second-hand high-top tables from a thrift store. Add a friendly pelican to the tabletop for decoration.

Upcycled wooden crate

If you are interested in upcycling old materials, you might have considered making patio furniture from a repurposed wooden crate. The rustic look of the crate makes it a perfect fit for outdoor use. In addition to creating a great bench, the crate can be used for storage purposes, such as storing pool toys or other supplies. By adding wheels, you can even move the furniture from one spot to another.

Repurposed steel drums

If you are a creative soul, you can turn repurposed steel drums into stylish home furnishings. By using old milk jugs, you can create a cozy love seat for your patio. These pieces come unassembled, but can be assembled with a little effort. You can purchase pre-made pallet furniture, or you can make your own by using old wooden pallets, mason jars, and old crates.

Concrete slab

A concrete slab provides the perfect foundation for a sophisticated patio with wicker or wood furniture. This material also lends itself well to outdoor rugs. A big outdoor rug provides color without paint and is a great way to add some homemade rustic style to your patio. Here, designer Mindy Gayer used a concrete slab as the foundation for her outdoor space. She added a herringbone-style pattern to the concrete and framed it with a view of her backyard.

Vintage door

Repurposed steel drums make excellent outdoor furniture. Just paint them to prevent rust and add cushions for comfort. You can find these drums in flea markets or thrift stores. Smaller drums can make tables and chairs. They have an antique look and are perfect for patios. You can use these items as a part of your decor. These patio furniture pieces also make great rustic modern accents.

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