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How to Make GP Off Cowhide in Old Runescape

If you’re wondering how to make GP off cowhide, you’re not alone. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and you’ll soon realize why. First of all, cowhides can’t be sold at the Grand Exchange until you’ve earned 10 quest points, 100 total levels, and 20 hours of playtime. The easiest way to turn cowhides into cash is to sell them immediately by tanning them.

Tanning cowhide into leather

The quickest way to turn cowhide into leather in Old Runescape is to visit the tanner. You can find tanners in Al Kharid, the Crafting Guild, Varrock, Taverley, and Canifis. Once you’ve tanned enough cowhide to make some leather, you can sell it to the Grand Exchange. Usually, tanned cowhides are worth 25 to 45 GP.

Killing cows

Cowhides are low-level monsters. However, they can be killed for their hides and gold. The best places to find cowhides in Old Runescape are the Falador area, north of Yanille, and west of the Nightmare Zone. Cows in these areas are the best places to begin this quest, as they respawn quickly. To get more cowhides, you must kill more than one.

Farming cows

One of the oldest ways to earn money in Old Runescape is by farming cows. Cows are the lowest-level monsters, and players will often wait outside their level range to slaughter them to obtain their cowhides. It’s a fairly easy method for players with lower levels, and you can farm cows in many places in the game, including Lumbridge and Falador. Read on to learn more about farming cows in Old Runescape.

Trading cowhides for leather

Cowhides are a great way to get quick money in Old Runescape. They cost about 132 coins in grand, and you can sell them for a large profit in no time. There are two main ways to sell cowhides. The first way is to bank them in Lumbridge and then sell them directly at the grand exchange. This method doesn’t require tanning and just requires a few mouse clicks.

Farming raw beef for leather

There are two main ways to farm raw beef for leather in Old Runescape: by slaughtering them, or by cooking them. The former requires two cooking skills, while the latter requires a tanner’s craft skill. Depending on your skill level, you can collect 100-200 strings per hour. The second way is to sell them on the Grand Exchange for 207 coins. Once you’ve harvested enough raw beef, you can turn them into leather and other equipment.

Purchasing leather from a tanner

Cowhides are dropped by dead cows. They can be purchased from a tanner for 1 coin or made into harder leather for 3 coins. There are many tanners in Al-Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, and the Ranging Guild, and you can use them to make various pieces of equipment. However, you must make sure that you have the experience to handle such leather. If you are not experienced, you will likely end up with leather of inferior quality, which will not look as nice as the market leather you purchase.

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