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How to Make Furniture Rustic

If you are looking for a rustic finish for your Mexican furniture, you may be wondering how to go about it. Mexican furniture is often made from materials such as reclaimed barn wood, ponderosa pine, and Danish oil finishes. Regardless of the wood you choose, here are some tips to give it a more authentic Mexican finish. If you follow these steps, you will soon have beautiful Mexican-style furniture that will be a conversation starter in any room.

Ponderosa pine

This authentic rustic finish is made by using solid, kiln-dried ponderosa pine for the furniture frame. Hand-forged iron hardware accents the pieces, and the finish is a rustic honey color. Each piece is unique, with slight variations in color, cracks, and grain pattern. This unique finish lends an air of rustic elegance to any Southwestern design.

Danish oil finishes

If you’re looking to achieve a Mexican-style, rustic finish, you’ve likely considered Danish oil. Danish oil is a type of oil that protects wood from moisture and is usually applied with a high-quality wood finishing brush. This finish is best applied in three coats, each of which adds more moisture protection. Each coat requires about 6 hours of drying time, and you should sand between coats to remove excess dust.

Hand-rubbed with rustic brown furniture wax

Furniture wax is used to restore the natural look of your wooden furniture. You can apply this product on painted and unfinished wood to give it a natural finish. It also provides a protective barrier against water, use, and other elements. Once applied, furniture wax dries to a firm consistency, leaving a fresh look. It is easy to apply, rubbing it into the wood with your fingertip.

Reclaimed Barnwood

Reclaimed Barnwood for furniture adds a unique, rustic finish to your home. Many people choose reclaimed Barnwood because of its unique character and history. This wood is recycled by lumber companies and furniture makers from across the country and the world. Prices can range greatly, depending on rarity, age, condition, and craftsmanship. Reclaimed Barnwood is strong and sturdy, and its rustic finish adds a unique touch to your home.

Aspen Log furniture

If you’re wondering how to make Aspen log furniture rustic, the process is actually quite simple. The dead-standing Aspen trees are cut and peeled, then hand-sanded to reveal the wood’s natural pattern. After a few coats of furniture polish, the Aspen logs will need simple care: a clean cloth with a non-abrasive texture.

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