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How to Make Furniture Look Rustic With Dark Paints

If you’ve been looking for a way to spruce up your home, consider painting your furniture with dark paints. Dark paints can give an antique look to any room. This article explains how to apply these paints and get that old, worn look. You can use milk, latex, chalk, or chalk paint. Just make sure to use a good primer to avoid chipping or peeling.

Distressing wood furniture

If you’ve been looking for a way to update your wood furniture, one of the easiest ways is to distress it yourself! To get the distressed look, you can use water-based white paint and dilute it with water. Try mixing two parts of paint with one part of water and see how well it sticks to the wood. Once you’ve diluted the paint enough, you can begin to brush it on. Make sure to work in sections and overlap brush strokes. If the paint is too thick, you can simply wipe it off with a clean cloth. Distressed marks will show the dark wood beneath.

Using chalk paint

When applying paint, darker colors will make your furniture look more classic. Before applying the dark paint, make sure to clean the furniture well. Ensure that all knots and dents are covered with knotting solution, as this will prevent the sap from penetrating the paint. Let the wood dry for five minutes before applying the first coat of chalk paint. Once this first coat has dried, apply a second coat, using long even strokes to avoid drips.

Using milk paint

Milk paint gives your wood pieces a worn and distressed look. Decorative Mason jars and wooden boxes can be painted in a light shade to add an accent to a kitchen or home office. Wooden crates and fruit boxes can also be revitalized with milk paint. They can be used to organize a mudroom or for storage in the kitchen. And you can also finish wooden picture frames with this rustic finish.

Using latex paint

There are two ways to make furniture look rustic: stain and paint. You can stain your furniture with stain and paint, or you can use the latter. The main difference between stain and paint is their sheen. The stain has a higher sheen, so you can’t simply use paint over the stain. In addition, paint doesn’t have to be applied in layers like a stain.

Using a wooden block

If you want to create a distressed look on your wooden furniture, you can use a wooden block and a variety of paints. Dip the block into the paint and scrub the surface, skimming off the excess. This will make the wood look aged. To add even more rustic charm, you can apply several layers of paint. Sand between each layer to achieve a worn look.

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