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How to Make Cow Hide Chews For Dogs Organically

When purchasing rawhide for your dog, you may be tempted to purchase puffed rawhide or ostrich. But rawhide is toxic for dogs. So what are your options? Here are a few alternatives:

Rawhide is toxic to dogs

There are many benefits to cowhide chews for dogs, and there are also a number of risks associated with using rawhide. For starters, rawhide is not digestible. It can pass through the digestive tract in large fragments, causing gastrointestinal problems. In addition, manufacturers in the U.S. often use bleach and hydrogen peroxide to treat the rawhide. These chemicals can affect the animal’s health and cause cancer.

Alternatives to rawhide

If you don’t want to buy your dog rawhide for its chewing needs, you can look for healthy alternatives. These alternatives can be equally nutritious, and they offer many of the same benefits. Try a few out and feel safe about the ones you choose for your dog. These chews are made from natural ingredients and do not contain chemicals or artificial flavoring. There are several different kinds of alternatives, and you can find one that suits your dog’s personality and chewing style.

Alternatives to pigs’ ears

Instead of pig ears, you can give your dog a different type of chew. Lamb or pig ears are less fatty than cow ears and do not contain the fat your dog craves. These bones also contain essential fatty acids and can be beneficial for your dog’s teeth and skin. They can also be a great source of protein and lean meat. However, they do not have the same health benefits.

Alternatives to ostrich

Ostrich is a protein-packed, low-fat treat for dogs. Its bones are low in fat and suitable for dieting dogs and those prone to pancreatitis. Dog chews made from ostrich skin can be a great way to provide mental stimulation and stress relief. Some brands include ostrich in their products as a way to boost morale, while others are not.

Ostrich tendons

If you are trying to make cowhide chews for dogs organically, you should consider using ostrich tendons instead of rawhide. The reason is simple: ostrich tendons are highly digestible and are a much better option than rawhide. These chews also tend to be softer and more digestible than rawhides. You can also make them yourself and save money.

Bully sticks

Cowhide bully sticks are a healthy snack for your dog. This natural chew is 100% beef pizzle, a muscle found in bull penises. Because it is very low in fat, this chew is a healthy option for your dog’s dental health. Unlike other dog chews, bully sticks also last longer. The beef pizzle is a high-quality source of protein and nutrients.


Rawhides are not only healthy food for humans but also a delicious treat for your dog. You can make cowhide chews from cow’s antlers. Elk and deer antlers have important minerals for your dog to benefit from, and they last a long time. You can even make them yourself, as they contain very little odor and are very hard. Elk antlers are also better for your dog, as they are not greasy, but they are still hard and can break a tooth if the dog is aggressive.

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