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How to Make Black Leather Furniture Look Coastal

If you’ve never been able to pull off a coastal-inspired interior, you’re not alone. You can achieve the look by adding natural fibers, exposed beams, warm oranges, and reflective leather. This article explains how to do just that. So, what’s the secret? Read on to find out! We’ve compiled a list of coastal-inspired color palettes and tips to get you started!

Natural fibers

Coastal style is about calling back to nature, so if you want to achieve a stylish and comfortable home, incorporate the ocean into your design. Add occasional flares of sapphire blue and viridian green to bring the artistry of the sea indoors. Fibrous natural materials lend an airy and natural texture to your black leather furniture while adding warmth and depth. Here’s how to make black leather furniture look coastal without overdoing it.

Exposed beams

If you’re looking for some design inspiration to help you decorate your new coastal home, read on. A black draper leather sofa gives a strong and masculine look to any coastal living room. Then, add touches of greenery – like a bird of paradise flower or a kentia palm – to balance the boldness. And don’t forget the white walls! These classic coastal staples will complete the look of your new coastal home.

Warm oranges

A rich caramel color is a warm complement to leather sofas. This rich hue can easily blend with greens, creams, and floral upholstered pieces to add a coastal feel. A traditional roll-arm sofa invites you to take long winter naps. This rich color is also well-paired with a floral rug for an accent. In the same way, caramel leather exudes a homey feel.

Reflective leather

A simple yet effective way to give your black leather sofa a beachy vibe is to use a draper leather sofa. The draper leather sofa is a handsome choice for a coastal-inspired living room, and it also gives the room a masculine vibe. To keep the look coastal, opt for brighter greenery to offset the muted tones of the black leather sofa. This style works especially well with other pieces in a coastal-inspired color scheme.

Adding a contemporary floor lamp

A contemporary floor lamp can complete the look of your black leather furniture, even if the pieces are made of more modern materials. Its shade features a leafy design, giving the room a seaside feel. The lamp’s circular base creates a funky vibe, and the neutral colors of the lamp’s shade complement the coastal decor. Moreover, the lamp also features small shelves for storing trinkets and books.

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