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How to Make Beach Decor Switchplates

If you love the ocean and beach, you might be looking for a way to decorate your light switch plates. To make a beach-inspired switchplate, gather up your shells from the last vacation you took. Then, purchase a bag of seashells at your local Dollar Store, and adhere the shells to the switchplate using hot glue. The results are stunning! And you’ll have a switchplate that looks like it came straight from the ocean.

Metal gear light switch plate

Turn your light switch plate into a nautical treasure by decorating it with metal gear. These gear-shaped plates are great for adding a touch of steampunk to your home decor. You can purchase a brass-plated light switch plate or even a solid brass one. Decorative light switch covers can also be gift-wrapped to add a touch of holiday cheer. You can use decorative Christmas wrapping paper and embellishments to give the look a nautical flair.

Candy wrapper light switch plate

You can upcycle old Halloween wrappers into a cool and unique light switch plate by decoupaging them on the back of the light switch. It’s a fun project that’s functional as well! All you need is a few supplies, including an iron, a glue stick, a small utility knife, and some glitter spray paint. If you’d like to make your light switchplate even more colorful and fun, try using glitter spray paint on the entire piece. Once the entire piece is dry, you can apply a second coat of Mod Podge to seal the glue.

Glittery light switch plate cover

First, prepare the switch plate. Use small cups to set it on, and then add one ounce of high gloss resin to the top. Allow the epoxy to dry for about an hour, then trim it flush with the wall. When dry, the switch plate should sit flush with the wall. This simple process will turn your switch plate into a beach decor piece! You can use this technique to decorate any wall in your home, including the beach!

Wooden switch plate cover

To add beach decor to your home, consider adding a light switch plate covered in seashells. Collect seashells from your recent vacation or buy them at the Dollar Store for less than a dollar a bag. Then, hot glue them to the switch plate. When done, the plate will look like it belongs on the beach. Alternatively, you can purchase a wooden switch plate cover from a craft store and decorate it yourself.

Paint switch plate cover

If you love the beach, a seashell-covered light switch plate is the perfect addition to your home. You can collect shells during your last beach vacation and glue them onto your light switch cover using hot glue. Or, you can purchase a small bag of seashells from the Dollar Store for less than a dollar. Then, just paint the switch plate cover to match. Once dry, simply peel the paint switch plate cover from the wall.

Fabric-covered switch plate cover

To create your own fabric-covered switchplate cover, buy some scraps of fabric and cut a rectangle slightly bigger than the switchplate. Apply Mod Podge and smooth the fabric over the switchplate. Then fold the fabric over the switchplate and secure it with binder clips. If you don’t have Mod Podge on hand, you can also substitute a white glue and water solution. It will work just as well.

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