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How to Make an Auto Cow Farm That Separates the Meat and Hide in Minecraft

Among all the mobs in the game, cows are the best to farm. They not only give you steak but also drop leather and milk, which will remove your adverse status quickly. Therefore, you should set up an automated farm to generate both types of meat and hide. To do so, you need a few things, like dispensers, lava, hoppers, and an observer. This method requires very little space and can help you breed the animals quickly.

Animals in Minecraft

If you’re looking to make an auto cow farm in Minecraft, then read this guide. Cows are one of the best mobs to farm because you can get steak, leather, and milk from them. You can also get milk to clear away status effects. A few simple components will help you make an auto cow farm. You’ll need a dispenser and a hopper to make it work. The good thing about this automated farm is that it takes up little space and is quick to breed.


In the game, one of the best mobs to farm is cows. Not only do they provide steak and leather, but they also produce milk and can quickly remove adverse status effects. If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to breed cows, you can automate the process by making an auto-cow farm with dispensers, lava, hoppers, and an observer. This way, you can easily breed cows in a short space, and reap the benefits of fast breeding.

Feed station in MineFactory Reloaded mod

In the MineFactory Reloaded mod, you can make an auto cow farm by separating the meat and hide of your cows. To make this, you can build a Feed Station. This place will give your animals food when they are ready to breed. The Feed Station has a radius of 5 blocks, and you need to give each mob the right food item. For example, pigs need carrots and sheep need wheat. The Feed Station can be replaced by the Breeder, which is a great idea. This mod adds the ability to separate the meat and hide of your animals automatically, allowing you to farm more in-game.

Feed station in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can make an auto-cow farm by breeding a pair of cows and then guiding them to a farm. You can do this by feeding them wheat, and you can even breed them by requesting asexual cows from the game’s developers. The cows can then be milked to get both hide and meat. This way, you can easily create a thriving farming business with little effort.

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