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How to Make an Auto Cow Farm in World of Warcraft

Cows are the most convenient mob to farm in World of Warcraft, and they are an efficient source of leather and meat. Not to mention the fact that they drop milk, which removes adverse status effects quickly. An auto cow farm is a simple setup that uses dispensers, lava, hoppers, and an observer to monitor the process. It requires very little space and allows you to breed the animals quickly.

How to predict which direction cattle are about to move

The first thing you must understand is that you cannot know the exact speed of an animal unless you are able to see its eye. This means that you need to make sure that you are moving inside the cow’s flight zone. A good way to do this is by walking parallel to the cattle movement. This will slow down and turn the animals. You will also need to remember that the cow moves in the direction of its nose.

Cattle’s senses will be crucial in determining whether they are in a good or bad mood. Whenever they are stressed, they tend to swish their tails, pick up dirt with their front feet, and stare at people. If you approach a cow, it will usually look up, snort, and hold its head up. You can also detect if it is feeling stressed by the way it stares at you.

How to design races and crush areas

How to design races and crush areas for an automatic cow farm? Ideally, the racing areas should be narrow enough for a single calf to walk through. The races must not have a sharp bend in them, as this will discourage the cattle from continuing. In addition, the cattle should have a clear view of at least two body lengths ahead of them while standing in the crowd pen. In addition, the racing areas should be built using straight sections with spaced posts 1.2 m apart.

The layout of the race and crush areas is the first step in creating an efficient auto cow farm. Cattle are typically handled in single-file races and held in head gates or squeeze chutes. It’s essential to create a safe place for the handler to work. The gate should have a solid base, and the inner radius fence should have a solid panel 60 cm high. Using a solid panel at the bottom of the race entrance is more efficient than a hollow structure because it will prevent the cattle from backing out or running back.

The forcing pen should be designed so that the cattle have one way out. If they can’t see the entrance to the rate, they will balk. The corner of the forcing pen should have a shallow angle rather than a sharp corner. If the animal needs to turn, it is better to build a circle than a triangle and fit the backstops with self-locking devices.

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