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How to Make a Polynesian Tribal Design

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you might be wondering how to make a Polynesian tribal design. These tribal designs are popular worldwide and are often made with animal elements, such as turtles, shark teeth, and stingrays. Each one has a specific meaning and is perfect for a Polynesian tattoo. Here are some tips to get you started. You can also get a Tiki design, which is a symbol of unity and protection.

Shark teeth are a symbol of protection

The shark is a popular symbol in Polynesian tattoos, where shark teeth are used to signify the concept of guidance, shelter, and power. The shark, or niho manos, is also one of the gods of the sea. Sharks are fierce ocean predators, and wearing a shark tattoo signifies strength, adaptability, and guile.

A Stingray tattoo is a symbol of peace

The Polynesian stingray design is a group of stingrays clasping their hands. In Polynesian culture, this motif represents clouds, ancestors, refinement, and energy. Regardless of where you decide to get a stingray tattoo, it’s sure to be a conversation starter. If you’re considering getting one, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

The turtle is a symbol of unity

The turtle is a common motif in Polynesian tribal design and is a symbol of family, unity, and prosperity. The Turtle is a symbol of family in Polynesian culture, and the word “honu” (meaning family) means virility. A turtle on a body tattoo can symbolize family, marriage, or even a conquered enemy.

Tiki is a symbol of protection

Tiki, the first human, is a powerful and enduring symbol of Polynesian culture. Tiki tattoo art features human-like faces that are sometimes received as deified ancestors. Tiki represents fertility, protection, peace, and good health. It also serves as a guardian, as the tiki symbolizes the deified ancestors.

Stingrays are a symbol of fertility

Tattoo lovers who want a piece of Polynesian artwork may want to consider a stingray. The symbolism is diverse and includes health, fertility, long life, and peace. Stingrays also represent the sea, which can symbolize the opposite world and the peace and harmony of living in a tropical environment. The sea also represents life for island dwellers, as a turtle is able to move freely between the land and the sea.

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