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How to Make a Log Cabin Furniture For Barbie Doll

Making a Barbie doll’s log cabin is a fun project that you can accomplish over the course of a weekend. Using common 12″ wide pine boards, medium-density fiberboard, or plywood, you can build a full-sized dollhouse on a weekend. To make the dollhouse more realistic, you can purchase full-size patterns for the house’s interior and exterior and complete with a fireplace and irons. Finished dimensions are approximately 44″ wide x 21″ tall and 12″ deep.

Building a dollhouse

If you’re thinking of making a dollhouse for your little girl, here are some tips. Before you start cutting and assembling pieces, draw out your plan. If you don’t have much experience with dollhouse building, you can purchase inexpensive templates to ensure everything fits together. Make sure you have the right scale, too, as most dollhouses are 1:12 scale. Barbie dolls are 1:6 scale.

First, determine how large you want the dollhouse to be. Most dollhouses are one-to-one, meaning that one inch in real life is equal to 12 inches in miniature. The smaller the second number, the bigger the dollhouse will be. The same applies to resale. When buying dollhouse kits, you can gauge how difficult they will be to assemble. A few hours of preparation can go a long way.


The scale of your log cabin furniture for a Barbie doll will determine which accessories and pieces fit in the room. This scale is commonly used for fashion dolls but is not very realistic. You will have a hard time finding accessories that fit in this scale. If you want to add details to your dollhouse, you can make them on a smaller scale. But if you want to make a more realistic setting, you can go for a larger scale.

For this purpose, it’s important to understand how to read the scale of the log cabin furniture. You should keep in mind that one inch is approximately six inches in real life. A seven-foot-tall door, for example, would be about 15 inches in a real room. An adult male doll, on the other hand, would be 12 inches tall. A lot of artisan miniatures are produced in 1/12 scale. They are particularly popular for Japanese ‘Re-Ment’ accessories and play foods.

Mini real-wood furniture

Make miniature wood furniture for your Barbie doll using inexpensive items from your local hobby store. Most miniature furniture plans call for basswood, which is readily available in hobby stores in North America. For European counterparts, try Jelutong from Malaysia, Obeche from Africa, and lime and linden. Smaller-scale furniture is often made of hardwood veneer strips. Once you’ve carved out your mini furniture, you can apply regular wood-finishing techniques to the piece. A quick remake of ordinary purchased miniature furniture can also be accomplished by covering it with a plaid fabric.

Dollhouse plans

There are several ways to create dollhouses, and making them yourself is one of them. One of the simplest ways is to use cardboard and a box cutter blade. Another option is to recycle packaging from white goods. It’s lightweight and practically free. In this tutorial, Fun-and-craft created a dollhouse made from dishwasher packaging. It also used old plaid fabric to create the bed cover.

To make a wooden Barbie doll house, you can purchase a woodworking plan from the internet. You’ll find designs for a 13-piece set, a three-mirror dresser, and more. You can also add safety mirrors and a Vienna Regulator clock to the house. There are also many full-size furniture patterns to complete the set. You can find instructions for building the dollhouse online or purchase a woodworking kit that comes with everything you need to make the dollhouse.

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