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How to Layer Cowhide Rugs

If you’re interested in learning how to layer cowhide rugs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find 3 tried-and-true methods, including Base layers, Colors, and Patterns. Once you know these basics, you can start layering your cowhide rug. Here are the tips:

3 tried-and-true methods

The first tried-and-true method for layering cowhide rugs is to use a piece of carpeting with a good foundation. You can apply two or three pieces of carpeting underneath a piece of cowhide. Then, vacuum and shake them. You can easily move them back to their original position. Cowhide rugs do not curl at the edges, unlike synthetic rugs that do.

Base layers

Cowhide rugs can be layered in two or more ways. First, consider the colors. Different colors have different characteristics and are best paired with different styles of cowhide rugs. Colored rugs are more unique than plain ones, as they are made from different animals. You can also get a stenciled one that is made with more than one color. However, be sure to buy the right one to make it stand out.


Cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors. Most are brown or earth tones and are therefore masculine. If you’re trying to create a feminine space, try a lighter shade of cowhide. Cowhides can also be used as pillows and toss rugs. But be careful: the colors of cowhide rugs should not clash with your furniture. They should complement the existing color scheme in the room.


There are several ways to layer cowhide rugs. Adding a second rug on top of the first rug creates a unique look that draws attention to a special area in the room. Depending on the type of cowhide rug, you may want to use a single color or pattern or mix patterns and solids. If you have a lot of furniture, layering two rugs may help it look more intentional.


One of the most important things to remember about cowhide rugs is to keep them out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause natural markings on the rug to fade, reducing the luster of rich colors. Fading begins as soon as the rug is placed in the sun, and it may not be noticed for the first year. It is a good idea to keep your cowhide rugs out of direct sunlight when you’re not home.

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