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How to Keep Ends of Cowhide Rug From Curling

Curly ends on a cowhide rug are normal, and they can actually be healthy if you keep them trimmed regularly. If you want to keep the rug from curling, you can follow a few simple tips. Regularly vacuum the cowhide rug to prevent dirt from building up. Steam clean it once a week to remove any remaining dirt. Also, remember to mist the top and underneath of the cowhide with water once a week.

Mist the top and underneath of the cowhide with water

Regularly mist the top and underside of the cowhide rug to keep the ends from curling. Keeping cowhide rugs clean will maintain their suppleness and maintain its beauty for many years. To maintain its suppleness, use a specialized leather conditioner every three to six months. Cowhide is the natural unbleached skin and hair of a cow, commonly processed into leather.

Vacuum regularly

If you own a cowhide rug, there are several steps you can take to maintain it. One of them is vacuuming regularly to keep the ends from curling. Using a vacuum will remove the bulk of dirt and dust, which can reduce the frequency of deep cleaning. Vacuuming should be done using a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner, moving the wand in the direction of the furs. If vacuuming is not enough, you can also beat the rugs with a heavy stick to remove deeper contaminants.

Prevent dirt pile up

To avoid dirt from piling up on the ends of your cowhide rug, it is important to know how to clean it. The good news is that cowhide rugs don’t collect as much dirt as other rugs, making them easy to clean. You can use a broom or soft brush to remove stains. You can also use shampoo or eucalyptus oil to remove grease and stains.

Steam clean cowhide rug once a week

You can steam clean your cowhide rug at least once a week to prevent the curling of its ends. To prevent your cowhide rug from curling, you should first vacuum it before steam cleaning. If you can’t do this, you can also use a butter knife to remove food from the rug. Do not let the sponge soak in water; instead, use a dry cloth to wipe the residue off the rug. It is also important to avoid leaving your cowhide rug outside because direct sunlight can ruin the rug.

Brush your cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs should be treated with the same care as any other type of rug. It is recommended to clean it with a vacuum cleaner with a hard-bristled brush in the down position. Using a vacuum cleaner for cowhide can be very effective, but you must make sure to set the settings for hard floors, curtains, and upholstery. The vacuum should brush the rug while simultaneously cleaning the dirt.

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