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How to Incorporate Victorian Furniture Into a Coastal Decorating Scheme

If you’re looking for ways to add vintage flair to your coastal decorating scheme, consider mixing modern and vintage decor. Here’s how to select accent pieces and a color palette to complete the look. Victorian homes were built to display the wealth and status of their owners. To achieve the same look, choose carefully-crafted, well-crafted wooden pieces for your home. Don’t opt for cheap, factory-made pieces, which will ruin the overall look.

Mixing modern and vintage decor

When mixing coastal decor, look for ways to incorporate both modern and vintage elements. Traditional coastal decor often features coastal motifs, such as the iconic ticking stripe, but mixing vintage and modern pieces can add a contemporary twist. If you are looking to add coastal flair to a modern coastal space, consider using a sleek unfinished wood console table. This modern style nods to the old-fashioned pattern while adding a contemporary touch to the traditional furniture.

Bringing antiques and modern pieces together will add character to a coastal space and keep the overall look interesting and fresh. Using old pieces with modern pieces will also help you use inherited or unique items you may have. In addition, trawling antique markets can yield plenty of affordable and unique pieces. By mixing contemporary and antique pieces, you will be able to highlight your individuality and style while still staying within a budget.

Choosing a color scheme

Adding touches of classic Victorian style to your contemporary decorating scheme can make it seem more luxurious and elegant. Whether you choose a contemporary chandelier or a gilded mirror, it’s important to keep your aesthetics in balance. Consider bold pieces to make an impression. And keep in mind that blending two different styles is risky. However, it is possible to make your home feel unique and stylish without taking too many risks.

Whether you choose a blue and green color scheme or a pale pink and white palette, the key to a successful coastal design is choosing show-stopping pieces that create an atmosphere. A Victorian bed frame, for instance, can look wonderful when paired with a modern throw pillow. In addition, the addition of an ornate rug will ground this statement piece. Remember to mix and match accessories and add details to make your room stand out.

Choosing accent pieces

Incorporating sea glass chandeliers and worn wooden pendants into your coastal decor is a great way to bring a taste of the past into your home. Embroidered accents feature heraldic designs and coats of arms. Incorporate them into the decor of your home to make your house feel authentically Victorian. Here are some tips for selecting the right accent pieces to add to your Victorian decor.

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