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How to Incorporate Victorian Furniture Into a Coastal Decorating Scheme

If you’re unsure how to incorporate victorian furniture into your coastal decorating scheme, you might be surprised to learn that two items can completely transform a room. For starters, you can incorporate gold-tinted accents and wallpaper into your scheme. You can also include tufted upholstery to complete the look. After all, the victorian look isn’t just for older homes anymore.

Adding tufted upholstery

If you’re considering updating your Victorian furniture, adding tufted upholstery will add an extra touch of luxury to your space. Victorian styles often use deep, rich hues and layering tones on tones of those hues. You can even add fringe to any item in your space for a playful feel. Layering details and textures is the key to updating your Victorian style. Here are some ideas for adding tufted upholstery to Victorian furniture in a coastal decorating scheme.

Using gold-tinted accents

Adding a touch of history to a living room or bedroom by incorporating a few Victorian pieces is not difficult. Decorative embroidered accents depict hero scenes or coats of arms can enhance the look of a coastal room. However, it is important to choose decor pieces with restrained, understated details, such as a classic armchair with a worn finish.

Using clawfoot tubs

Using clawfoot tubs to incorporate Victorian furnishings into a coastal decorating scheme can create a dramatic contrast between the old world feel of a home and the modern aesthetic of the beach. While clawfoot tubs are antique and gorgeous, you should consider the juxtaposition of the antique tub against the sleek design of a modern sink and chair. Then, you can balance out the two different styles and make a beautiful room.

Adding wallpaper

To incorporate Victorian furniture into a coastal decorating scheme, choose wallpaper with similar aesthetics. Wallpaper with floral and animal designs, for example, lends a playful feel to a room. Wallpaper with a Victorian motif can also imitate molding, giving the impression of framed paneling. The wallpaper should complement solid-color furniture and decor. If space allows, choose wallpaper with a more delicate pattern.

Using chevron fabric

Adding chevron fabric to Victorian furniture can bring a new life to an old piece. This vibrant fabric is a favorite of designers and is a wonderful way to incorporate the style into a coastal decorating scheme. If you haven’t tried chevron fabric, you should. The geometric patterns on chevron fabric will add a fun element to your room.

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