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How to Incorporate Victorian Furniture Into a Coastal Decorating Scheme

If you are considering using a beach house in your home, you can incorporate Victorian style furniture into your decorating scheme. You can add tufted upholstery, and you can even pair modern pieces with the classics. Read on for some tips and tricks for incorporating your furniture into a beach house. You can also add accent pieces like shells and other nautical items. Just remember, these pieces are not meant to compete with the decor of your home.

Adding tufted upholstery

Using complementary aesthetics in a decorating scheme is a risky endeavor. It requires a careful curation of details in all rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom. You can update Victorian silhouettes by adding a modern touch with graphic throw pillows and drapes. Every home is a collection of textures. Marble and wood ground the space in luxury and elegance, while metal accents and mirrors add textural flair and contrast.

While it can be challenging to bring together contemporary and Victorian aesthetics, it’s not impossible. Start by selecting a single statement piece or accent piece, and then work your way outward. You can use the silhouette of a piece to determine which aesthetics are best suited for the space. Other elements that can help tie the two styles together include color palette and materials. Consistency is crucial to create a cohesive look.

Pairing newer pieces with classics

If you’re thinking of using old-fashioned coastal furnishings in a Victorian home, you may be wondering how to pair newer Victorian furniture with classics. There are some key guidelines to remember, though. The key is to balance complementary aesthetics, and two or three key pieces will do just that. Pairing classics with modern furniture can be challenging, but can be accomplished with finesse.

To begin, you can try pairing a vintage piece with modern decor. You can do this by incorporating a contemporary piece in the same room, such as a sleek dining room table or industrial lighting fixture. A classic Victorian piece may be complemented by a more modern accent, like a chandelier. If you are unsure about which pieces go together, start with one statement piece and one accent piece. You can also focus on a specific material or palette. Consistency is key in bringing the room together, so consider the materials and finishes in each piece.

Choosing a color scheme

One way to incorporate vintage pieces into your coastal decor is to use wallpaper. Wallpaper from the Victorian period usually features muted tones, while modern homes often feature bold colors. The right combination of complementary aesthetics will create a unique look in your home. When blending two styles, be sure to choose complementary colors to avoid clashing or losing their impact. Bold pieces will stand out, but they should be understated.

When integrating Victorian pieces into coastal decorating schemes, consider how they will complement the overall color scheme. A Victorian-style chandelier and matching curtains are a must. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider the silhouette. Other elements to consider include color and materials. Consistency helps the space feel cohesive. Incorporating a chandelier in a coastal-themed space can bring the old world style to the 21st century.

Choosing accent pieces

Coastal decorating schemes can be created by combining Victorian accent pieces with more contemporary designs. A great place to start is with the silhouette. While it may seem obvious, the palette and materials of a piece can also be important. Keeping your palette consistent can help the space feel cohesive. Incorporating a Victorian piece in a coastal decorating scheme can give a room a romantic and historic feel.

Modern coastal decor is also perfect for kitsch pieces. A striking blue chandelier is a good choice in a coastal setting. If you’re not a minimalist, you can go for a more minimal coastal scheme that still has the element of seaside living. Adding an Italian stone mantel to your living room will also bring the seashore into your decor. It’s important to select accent pieces that are not too heavy. In addition to balancing the colors, consider the overall look of your room as a whole.

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