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How to Incorporate Rustic Furniture in a Carpeted Home

When deciding on your design style, you should consider the look you are going for. You can choose rustic, midcentury modern, or shabby chic. Depending on the room in your home, rustic furniture may be a perfect choice. However, if your home is carpeted, you should choose carefully because if your flooring is not suitable for rustic furniture, it will stand out and look out of place.

Modern rustic

If you want to create a warm, modern look in your home, mixing and matching the different design styles is possible. To achieve this look, you need to set aside any preconceived notions you may have and think that there is a way to bridge the two styles. You can also choose patterned throw pillows for an air of whimsy. The rustic look is also well represented by the wooden bowl beneath a sleek coffee table, which can provide storage space as well as a modern rustic style.

Midcentury Modern

You can add a rustic element to a space without completely stripping it of color. The key is intentional color use, and that means pairing different hues together. In the Dazey Den living room, for example, the teal and blush pink contrast well against the midcentury modern furniture and patterned rug. Both pieces reference the rustic imagery of the room, but the fireplace and shelving are also midcentury modern.

Shabby chic

For a more elegant approach, opt for neutral colors or a shabby-chic theme. Shabby chic is defined by its emphasis on texture and layers, and light shades are best for the home. The palette also tends to be simple and white, while darker shades create a busy look. A jute rug and live plants can add a touch of nature to the room.

Color scheme

Adding rustic pieces to a home doesn’t necessarily mean showcasing them without color. The key is to intentionally pair complementary colors. In the Dazey Den living room, teal and blush pink make a bold statement among a patterned rug and midcentury furniture. The fireplace is a nod to the rustic imagery, while midcentury shelving reflects the home’s vintage aesthetic.


Rustic decorators avoid frilly designs and opt for plain natural fabrics. Buffalo checks and plaids work well as rugs for your bedroom or outdoor patio. Be sure to avoid snakeskin or cowhide, however. You can find a rustic rug that features a mix of animal and plant skins for a more unique look. Rugs for a carpeted home may be too bright or busy to match rustic furniture.

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