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How to Incorporate a Rustic Shelf in Living Room Wall Decor

If you are looking for a unique way to spice up your living room wall decor, consider adding a rustic shelf to your living room. Rustic shelves are made from wood or pipes and come unassembled. Because they aren’t sanded smooth, you can position them any way you wish. You can also place other items on them, such as dried flowers, framed photos, or another rustic decor.

Scripted signs

A Scripted sign on a rustic shelf in your living room adds an element of class and rustic charm. These signs are easy to hang and double as a wall decoration. You can add them to your rustic decor in a variety of ways, from a single sign to a cluster of smaller ones. They will fit in nicely with any rustic style or elegant living room decor.

Mason jars

Recycle your old mason jars for home decor projects, such as a rustic shelf. These containers are extremely versatile and can be used for many different purposes. A mason jar vase, for instance, can be used to hold your favorite candles. This item also adds charm and organization to any space without taking up valuable shelf space or table space. You can also use mason jars for storage.

Wooden ladders

Whether your living room wall decor is traditional or contemporary, there are many ways to incorporate wooden ladders into the room. Ladders can be hung directly on the wall or used to showcase family photos. Alternatively, a wooden ladder with thick rungs can act as a decorative shelf above a couch or a blank wall. By following these decorating tips, you’ll soon see the many ways wooden ladders can be used in your living room.


Whether you’re decorating with other elements in your living room or you just want to bring a unique rustic touch to your living room, a Boxwood rustic shelf will be a great option. Its natural wood will stand out against white walls and is perfect for displaying books and pictures. Moreover, it is easy to install and requires very little maintenance. This piece of furniture can even be used as a coffee table.


The style of rustic shelves embraces imperfections in wood and design. You can create your own rustic shelves with reclaimed wood, which gives them a unique patina. Thewhimsicalwife has many more tips and techniques, including how to distress a wooden shelf without completely stripping off the paint. Rustic shelves also fit nicely into modern interiors. A simple lettered sign and oversized family photographs complete the look.

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