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How to Hide From Cops When Cows Ramming Into Mailboxes

You may have seen videos of cows chasing a car thief or a heifer evading the police, but never thought of them as ways to hide from cops. The following video shows cows running and evading police, and the video ends with the cow being subdued by a second cowboy. This heifer’s story will inspire you to hide from cops yourself, and you’ll never get caught.

heifer evades police

A heifer in central Texas recently eluded police and was retagged by a neighboring farmer. Police were on the scene as the cow escaped from a packing facility at 5 a.m. Thursday. The cow jumped over a fence and wandered through a residential neighborhood before making her way into a busy intersection. The heifer was eventually caught and taken to a slaughterhouse.

cows chase car thief

A Florida sheriff’s helicopter recently caught footage of a suspected car thief being chased by a herd of cows. The alleged car thief had crashed his stolen vehicle into a pasture and fled, but was confronted by a herd of cows. After the suspect fled, the cows pursued him through the field, cornering him until police arrived.

cows ram into a police car

It’s not just animals that run into cars and run from the police. In one case, cows even help police officers catch criminals. A herd of cows chased a suspected car thief around a pasture before catching him in a nearby bush. Police were able to catch the suspect after a 13-mile chase. While the cow might be a stumbling block for cops, it’s unlikely that police were looking for them when they encountered the herd.

cows ram into the mailbox

A local Stafford Township police department has posted body camera footage of a cow ramming into a mailbox on Facebook. The video of the cow ramming into the mailbox on Wednesday has received more than two thousand views and over 200 comments. Now, a local cow has learned how to hide from cops when cows ram into mailboxes. Here’s how they did it.

cows chase police car

Cows aren’t just cute – they can also be very useful when it comes to catching criminals. A Florida herd once chased a car thief. The suspect ended up in a nearby bush, where he was eventually apprehended by police. The police department is still investigating the incident, but it has sparked some interesting theories about cow behavior. Read on to find out more about the strange behavior of cows.

cows ram into the fence

If you’ve ever wondered why cows ram into fences to hide from cops, you’ve probably seen this video. A cow was escaping from a ranch in Nevada. A police officer used a vehicle to chase the cow and injured it. The cow also charged the public. A video of the incident has gone viral, and PETA is suing the city for negligence and animal cruelty.

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