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How to Hide Cow Licks

Cowlicks are a common feature of hair, most commonly found on the crown, hairline, or where the hair parts are. While men and women are equally susceptible to cowlicks, women can hide them better under long hair. The cowlick spiral, as the name suggests, is linked to the dominant hand. The spiral is associated with the hand that grips the hair most tightly, usually the left. If you want to hide cowlicks, read on.

Hairstyles to hide cow licks

The best hairstyle to hide cow licks varies with the location of the ‘do. If your cowlick is at the front, medium-length hair with high volume can hide it. Other options include a pompadour, quiff, spikes, blowout, or faux hawk with taper fade. A high-hold pomade can hide the cowlick if it is located at the hairline.

The hairstyle that hides cow licks depends on the location and the attitude of the wearer. The ‘do’ should exude confidence and a cool attitude. Don’t let cow licks turn you off. Instead, embrace your distinctive feature and try to make your ‘do sexier. Hairstyles to hide cow licks can be based on the styles worn by some hot celebs.

Products to hide cow licks

Regardless of the style, there are ways to hide cow licks. These hair strands grow in a clockwise, counter-clockwise, or random direction. The cow lick is named after the pattern cows make when licking a calf. Cow licks are genetic, but there are ways to minimize or conceal them. Several options exist, including using a hair dryer or styling products. Alternatively, you can try growing your hair out long and choosing a style that flatters your face.


Many celebrity males have famous cowlicks, and many of these have been linked to genetics. Cowlicks are permanent and caused by genes in our bodies. Polarity genes cause cells to combine into opposing patterns. Other genes associated with cowlicks are cancer suppressors and right-handedness. Here’s an explanation of how cowlicks develop. Your family may have a genetic tendency to develop cowlicks.

One theory is that people with a genetic tendency toward right-handedness tend to have clockwise cowlicks, while those who are left-handed are more likely to have a counter-clockwise cowlick. While cowlicks are a common occurrence among right-handed people, a counter-clockwise cowlick pattern is also found in about half of left-handed people. A common genetic mechanism may also determine hand preference.

Hair products to hide cow licks

If you want to hide cow licks, the first thing you need to do is change your haircare routine. Increasing the amount of conditioner you use and cutting back on shampoo is one of the best ways to hide a cow’s lick. The result will be a much less prominent cow lick. But what about those who do not want to go this route? There are plenty of ways to hide your cow lick, from using a hair product to using clips.

One of the best ways to hide cow licks is to wear a fringe. Alternatively, a crop top hairstyle can help cover cowlicks. If your cowlicks are on your crown, try wearing your hair spiked up. Medium-length hairstyles are also universally flattering, as they tend to pull down the strands. But if you can’t grow out your hair, medium-length styles can help hide cow licks.

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