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How To Hang Navajo Rugs

Whether you’ve recently purchased a Navajo rug or are just curious about how to hang them, this article will give you the information you need. First, keep in mind that Navajo rugs are woven on simple looms. As such, they are typically made of wool and should be hung from the warps. If you’re hanging one in a room that is too warm, you can try using Velcro. This material will stick to the wall and hold the corners of the rug. Be sure to warm up the Velcro with a blow dryer before you use it.

Navajo rugs are woven on simple looms

Navajo rugs are hand-woven on a simple loom. Many rugs are patterned and shaped in some way, such as a star-like pattern. They may also have geometric patterns in them. This style of weaving is considered traditional. These rugs were traditionally used for blankets, although some have been made for home decoration. Because the rugs are made of natural fibers, they are considered a high-quality investment.

They are made of wool

Navajo Rugs are made with natural fibers like wool and are easily hung. Wool is easy to hang, and rugs with natural fibers are very durable. You can find these pieces of Native American art in many museums and galleries. Most rugs are made of wool, which makes them easy to hang. Moreover, wool makes the rugs easy to clean. There are two types of rugs: pictorial and sandpainting. The pictorial rugs depict the daily life of the weaver, while sandpainting rugs are squared. Traditionally, sandpainting rugs are mainly composed of supernatural figures, but they also include elements common to everyday life. These rugs are considered sacred, and special rituals are performed to ensure that no spiritual harm will come to

They should have a pad underneath

Whenever you use a Navajo rug on a floor, be sure to place a pad underneath it. Not only will a rug pad prevent slips and accidents, but it will also absorb walking distress. It is also important to rotate your rug periodically, especially if you use it in high-traffic areas. Rotating it regularly will also allow it to adjust to regular movement. Wool will shrink and expand, so it is important to rotate it periodically.

They should be hung from the warps

Hanging Navajo Rugs should be done carefully so that it does not curl at the corners. This is normal as the tightly woven textile will stretch as it changes in temperature and humidity. To prevent this, you should note the position of the corner tie on the warp. Then, with the help of a thread of the binding cord, begin to pull it toward the center. When the warp threads reach the center, release the tension and retie the knot.

They should be rotated

When displaying Navajo Rugs on the floor, be sure to always place a protective pad underneath. This will prevent slipping and absorb the distress of walking. Rotating your floor coverings regularly is also important to ensure even exposure to ambient UV light. Rotation will also help the textile adjust to regular movement. Wool, for example, tends to shrink and expand. Rotation will also keep hidden moths and spiders from making an appearance on your floor covering.

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