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How to Hang Cowhide

There are several methods of hanging a cowhide. Clamping hangings are usually mounted on the wall and hold the cowhide in place. This method is suitable if the wall is not a good candidate for nailing. It is not the most aesthetically pleasing choice but is ideal for a ceiling. Clamping is also a great option if the property is rented, as landlords will probably be less concerned about holes in the wall.

Rug hangers

The best place to buy a cowhide rug is at a specialty store, but you can also find them wholesale. Online stores have very low overhead, but massive amounts of stock. In contrast, brick-and-mortar stores have limited shelf space, so they can only store a small amount of stock at any given time. They are also less likely to damage walls. This makes them a popular choice for rented properties where the landlords aren’t too concerned about the holes.

To hang a cowhide rug, you need to purchase hangers. A rug hanger is an easy way to hang a cowhide rug, but it is not as discreet as some other options. You can also use rod hooks, which are often mounted on walls. You may have to drill holes in the wall to hang them, so make sure to measure the length of the rod against the back of the cowhide.

Glassed wooden frame

Using a glassed wooden frame to hang a cowhide is an excellent option for displaying your cowhide. Using thin nails and staples, attach the frame to the wall and place the cowhide skin inside. Make sure the cowhide is flat against the wall, and that it is centered. To hang it, use a power drill and a powerful impact adhesive. You can also use a power drill to create a more intricate design.

Once you have the glassed wooden frame, lay your cowhide rug on it. Apply double-sided tape to adhere the cowhide to the glass part of the frame. When closing the frame, be sure to remove any staples from the cowhide. If it falls out, use a thicker nail and try again. Hanging a cowhide can be quite tricky. Invest in a pair of extra hands to hang the cowhide.

Curing cowhide

You can use cowhide for many crafts and decorative purposes, but before you can do this, you must first cure it. Curing involves cleaning and drying the hide to make it easier to work with. Follow the steps outlined below to properly cure the hide and avoid damaging it. The most time-consuming step of the curing process is scraping off the unwanted material. The following are some of the steps to follow while curing cowhide.

After cleaning the hide, it must be placed in a container filled with cool, clean water. Repeat this process several times to remove any flesh, fat, and sinewy bits. The cowhide should be completely saturated with the salt solution after approximately two weeks. Once cured, the cowhide should be thoroughly dried and packed for shipment. If it contains scabies, the seller must remove them before delivering the product to its customer.

Sun exposure

When hanging cowhide for sale, you should remember to keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent fading of the natural markings. The sun can also fade the natural colors, leaving your hide looking pale or ivory-colored. This is common, but you can avoid it by hanging your cowhide in the shade or under a tree. If you choose to hang cowhide indoors, you should cover it with a shade or drape when not in use.

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