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How to Hang a Cow Hide on the Wall

There are a few ways to hang a cowhide on the wall. You can use Double-sided tape, Staples, or a combination of both. However, this project will require some additional steps. Before you can begin installing the hide, make sure you’re armed with the proper supplies. Then, you’ll be ready to begin hanging your hide! Continue reading to learn about these methods!

Double-sided tape

To hang a cowhide on the wall, you will need a wooden frame. You can also use double-sided tape to attach the cowhide to the wall. Hanging cowhides is an easy process, but you will want to be sure that the cowhide will lay flat against the wall. It will also be easier if you lay the skin flat on the floor, as this will make the hanging process go much smoother.

Double-sided tape comes in various types. The thicker types are foam-based and are coated with rubber or acrylic. The thick ones are better for bonding to unusual surfaces, usually with a foam carrier layer. On the other hand, the thin types are much thinner and are made from pure adhesive and silicone liner. The choice of double-sided tape is largely based on the surface characteristics of the two surfaces.

Cowhide rugs are hung on the wall with double-sided tape. Make sure that the hide is tightly against the wall before stapling it to the wall. It may be necessary to add additional nails to make it secure. A cow hide can be a great addition to a room. When you hang it on the wall, make sure that the hide is centered and doesn’t curl or fold when it dries.


The first thing you’ll need for hanging a cowhide is a strong wall that’s large enough to accommodate the hide. A staple gun or a power drill are good options, as well as a large piece of plywood. You’ll want to make sure the wall is smooth and strong because cowhide skins are heavy. After you have measured and centered the hide, use a nail gun or light nails to hang it.

Nail the skin to the wall at equidistant points. Make sure the cowhide doesn’t bend or buckle, and nail it as flatly as possible. If it’s too heavy, you can use staples, but you’ll have to keep the cowhide skin flat to avoid damaging it. When nailing, be sure to hold the cowhide firmly in place with your nails, so that it doesn’t buckle or bend.

Before you begin nailing cowhide to the wall, make sure to check for wiring and plumbing conduits. This way, you’ll know if you’ll be cutting into a wall or a hole in it. Once you’ve located where everything is, you can start hanging your cowhide on the wall. When you’re done, you’ll be able to see the cowhide’s grain and texture.

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