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How to Hand-Weave Navajo Rugs

If you are interested in learning how to hand weave a Navajo rug, then you are in the right place! These rugs are intricately hand-woven and have zig-zag patterns, so it is a good idea to get a few tips and tricks first. The first thing to do is to use a rug pad to keep the rug from sagging, and air drying it.

Navajo rugs are woven by hand

If you’re looking for an authentic rug, you should look for one from the Navajo tribe. These rugs are incredibly unique and highly valued. They have been around for more than 500 years, so you can rest assured that your purchase is an authentic Navajo piece. Besides their aesthetic appeal, Navajo rugs are made by hand. While you may be tempted to buy a cheap fake, you should know that authentic rugs are hand-woven in a traditional manner.

They have zig-zag patterns

Whether you choose a zig-zag rug because it is geometrically inspired or because it features a traditional Navajo design, the zig-zag pattern is sure to add charm to your home. The Navajo people are a group of Athabascan tribes, who moved to the southwest from Canada in the 15th century. Their zig-zag patterns are often symbolic of the animals and plants in the area.

They need a pad

To prolong the life of your Hand Navajo Rugs, you should always put a rug pad underneath them. It will not only protect your floors from slipping but also absorb the shock of a person walking on them. It is important to choose a rug pad that is non-acid, inert, and at least an eighth inch thick. To maintain the beauty of your rugs, rotate them periodically to ensure even wear distribution.

They need to be air-dried

Care for a hand Navajo rug begins with proper cleaning and air-drying. You can’t simply rely on a machine to clean your rug. Instead, use a non-brush vacuum attachment. Regularly air out your rug to avoid damage from moths. If you hang your rug on a wall, you should always protect it with a carpet pad. Lastly, you should regularly vacuum your rug and clean it with mild soap and water. It may not need dry cleaning, but it will require cleaning on a regular basis.

They need to be kept liquid-free

Keeping Navajo rugs liquid-free is essential in order to prevent them from fading. If the dyes are natural or vegetal, this means that the color will fade faster than the natural wool colors. Moths can quickly destroy the weavings, making them worthless. Mothballs will remove the natural lanolin oils in the wool, making them unsuitable for long-term use.

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