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How to Hand Navajo Rugs

You may be wondering how to hang a Navajo rug. Here is an easy way: attach two-inch strips of Velcro to the back of the rug. Make sure to choose one with a ‘grabby’ side. Attach the other end of the Velcro to a thin piece of wood, and use the wood as a “hanger.”

Navajo rug warp

This article summarizes Part I of my talk “Handling Navajo rug warps” that I gave at the 1983 WAAC annual meeting. In Part II, I’ll cover the techniques and materials used to create a Navajo rug. You’ll also learn about the different techniques used by Navajo weavers, including the use of tassels. The tassels are the result of cords extending beyond the weaving. These cords are tied off to prevent them from raveling and are sometimes embellished with additional yarns.

Navajo weavers used a traditional Navajo spindle to weave their rugs. They then added natural dyes, including mistletoe fungus found on juniper trees, and yellow from Chamizo stems and flowers. Some weaver women also used other natural plant dyes, such as cochineal and blood roots. These dyes are not only beautiful but also very inexpensive.

Navajo rug price

A little knowledge about Navajo rugs is essential when handling them. While they are handwoven by Navajo weavers, they are also symbols of a people’s reverence for nature, faith, and people. To handle a Navajo rug with care, you should follow these guidelines:

Vacuuming a Navajo rug can cause damage. Use a suction vacuum with a rug attachment to avoid damaging it. Be sure to avoid beating or shaking the rug, as these methods may cause it to rip the ends and unravel the fibers. If a stain does occur, contact a professional cleaner to take care of it. Regardless of how much you care for your rug, it’s important to take care of it.

Navajo rug display options

There are many ways to display a Navajo rug. Regardless of whether you are planning to display the rug in your home or in a gallery, these display options will enhance the look of your rug. Navajo rugs often have bright colors and whites, and they require a special cleaning process. The rugs are extremely delicate and may require special care if they have been used for a long time.

The most common method of displaying a Navajo rug is to hang it on the wall. You can use a tape-backed Velcro, available at your local hardware or home improvement store, to hang the Navajo rug. You can also use wood screws to hang it on the wall. Make sure to purchase a male-only Velcro if you intend to display the rug on the wall. You don’t need the female “texture” side, however.

Navajo rug care

Providing proper care for a Navajo rug can extend its life. Regular vacuuming and non-brush vacuum attachments should be used to clean the rug. To prevent moth infestation, air out the rug outdoors on a clear day. Depending on its use, you may need to dry clean it. For best results, consult a professional cleaner. If the rugs are displayed on walls, they should be cleaned regularly. Dry cleaning can damage the rugs’ fibers.

Depending on the type of Navajo rug, you can apply foam-based cleaning solutions to help reduce fading. For wool rugs, you can apply OxiClean or Woolite to the rug. Red wine can also be removed with white wine. If you suspect an animal or spill, dab the area with a dry cloth before applying the cleaning solution. Mothballs can damage the lanolin content of textiles and make them worthless.

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