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How to Give Your Dog Cowhide As a Dog Chew Toy

If you’re wondering how to give your dog cowhide as a chew toy, you’re not alone. Thousands of dogs worldwide enjoy chewing on rawhide. But what is it good for? It’s low-fat, totally digestible, and has a mild odor. But if your furry friend is a little picky, you’ll probably have to get a harder-smelling chew.

Rawhide is a leather

If you’ve ever been in the dog store and seen a bone made from rawhide, you know that your pooch is going to love it. The skin is harvested from animals and the inner layer is often turned into rawhide bones for dogs. The hide goes through various chemical processes to remove the smell of rotten leather and make it white and odorless. The hide is also often coated with a special flavoring agent for your dog’s chewing pleasure.

It is not a food

Rawhide is a popular dog chew for several reasons. It is inexpensive, tough, and considered “all natural.” Unfortunately, the process used to create rawhide involves using toxic chemicals and removing the flesh. The material is then flattened, cut, and shaped into various shapes. In addition, it may contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs and even humans. It is often flavored with artificial flavors and colors.

It can carry bacteria

A recent study found that cowhide is a common source of e-coli and other types of bacteria. While it’s not illegal to sell rawhide chews, it’s important to remember that the cows used to produce them were not treated to prevent bacterial growth. The FDA requires that all products made from animal hide be treated to prevent spoilage. Because rawhide is not considered food, it falls into the regulatory gray area. The company that makes Beefeaters dog chews insists on washing and disinfecting the rawhide extensively. They also use a gentle bleaching agent.

It is a chew toy

Among the many different dog chew toys, rawhides are a classic. Made from the inner layer of cowhide, these chews are chewed on by dogs for hours. Typically, rawhides are flavored and dry and can be fed to your dog whole or broken down into small pieces. They can also be thrown away when they become too soft or dirty. Here’s how to make your dog’s favorite chew toy!

It is a choking hazard

If you’ve ever bought your dog a cowhide to chew on, you may have noticed that it’s an extremely choking hazard for your dog. The rawhide is nearly double its size when rehydrated and can cause blockage, pain, and gastric issues in dogs. It can also splinter into small pieces that could be swallowed by your dog. If this happens, you’ll likely need to visit a veterinarian to remove the choking hazard.

It is not always safe

While some people think that rawhide is a healthy snack for their dog, this isn’t always the case. Most rawhides contain chemicals that can cause cancer, so it is best to stay away from them. However, if you do want to give your dog rawhides, make sure that you purchase only the best grade possible. Make sure that the rawhide is unbleached, as white ones are often full of chemicals. In addition, good-quality rawhide will never chip. Otherwise, the chips could lodge in your dog’s esophagus and cause choking.

Alternatives to rawhide

If you’re interested in avoiding the dangers of rawhide and giving your dog a healthier chew, try one of these alternatives. While rawhide is the most common chewing material, it’s not the only option. Bone is a dangerous substance for your dog, and some alternatives are not as healthy as rawhide. For example, a frozen carrot is a safe and healthy alternative to rawhide.

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