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How to Give Furniture a Coastal Look

If you’re wondering how to give the furniture a coastal look, keep in mind that coastal style is all about sun and blue skies. The right combination of natural materials like wood, wicker, and seashells can make a big difference to the overall look of your space. The same principle applies to paint. While a darker color is fine, keep your main pieces light. You can also incorporate coastal style by changing smaller pieces around.

Coastal style is all about the blue skies and the sun

Coastal style is all about natural light, so make sure to incorporate plenty of it into your design. Natural light provides a feeling of openness and airiness, which creates a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. You can achieve this look with large undressed windows, glass doors, or well-placed skylights. Coastal-style furniture also makes use of textures and patterns from the seaside.

Natural materials

Driftwood and natural materials are ubiquitous in coastal areas and are ideal for beach houses and seaside towns. Driftwood furniture has a unique aged, natural look and is usually preserved and dried before being transformed into furniture. Some people prefer it in its raw, jagged state. Leather is another option that is durable and stylish and can easily match any color scheme. The Bohemian Scent chair can be a worry-free option for your living room.

Painted furniture

The first step in giving your furniture a coastal look is to select a paint color. Choose a coastal paint color such as white, gray, or even blue. This color scheme is usually soft and warm and combines perfectly with other coastal accessories such as seashells and shells. It is best to use a watery paint on the furniture in sections, wiping the excess off with a dry cloth.

Adding artwork to furniture

Coastal accents can include nautical knot doorstops and framed natural sea fans, as well as chic coastal coffee table books. To make your coastal look cohesive, you can mix and match pieces and stick to a neutral color palette. This will make it easy to change accessories as your personal taste evolves. In addition, Leigh Spicher, national director of design studios at Ashton Woods Homes, suggests thinking outside the box when choosing textiles.

Using rope lights

If you are looking to create a coastal look in your home, rope lights are a fantastic option. These lights are often made of webbing around a glass orb and a cord hanging from them. Some rope lights also have a driftwood element incorporated. They are an inexpensive, beautiful way to add a coastal touch to your home. You can even use these lights to add a coastal look to your furniture.

Adding woven accents

To achieve a coastal look, start by selecting natural materials and fabrics. Use cotton and linen for upholstery and other materials because they are lightweight and breathable. Seagrass and driftwood also have a beachy vibe. Use them sparingly and in small amounts on your furniture. Coastal decor includes art inspired by seashores. Artwork in coastal style often reflects light and breezy colors.

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