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How To Get That Rustic Beach Look on Painted Furniture

To create a beach-style home, use distressed paint on your painted furniture. A distressed look can have a casual elegance that is often associated with beach cottage-style homes. For example, a distressed coffee table is a perfect addition to a beach-style home. Painted furniture with this look often resembles distressed beach cottages. This distressed style of painted furniture can add an air of casual elegance to any room.

Distressed painted furniture

Coastal beach-style decor can be achieved by painting furniture. For example, painting a tabletop can turn an ordinary table into a unique piece of decor. While painting, remember to take into consideration the natural elements of the piece and blend vintage style with beach decor. For instance, a glass-front sideboard can be painted in a distressed shade of tropical-lagoon teal or salmon. You can also add white paper globe lamps on top of the glass.

If you want to add more authenticity to your painted furniture, distress it further. Use a hammer, nail, or sharp wire brush to achieve a distressed finish. Just be careful not to damage the surface to the point of needing repair. A small dent, scrape, or gouge can look natural and add character to your piece. However, be careful not to damage the furniture beyond repair!

Darker paint tones

Painting your painted furniture white is no longer an effective design trick. Instead, experiment with different paint tones. Paint shades of blue are particularly versatile, and they can create a calming background in many rooms. A navy hue is particularly striking when painted on old walnut, while peacock blues look incredibly beautiful against the mahogany. Pale flat blues are also appealing on cherry and mahogany furniture.

Dry brushed glaze finish

If you’re looking for a rustic beach look for your painted furniture, a dry brushed glaze finish may be what you’re looking for. This technique transforms the underlying paint layer by creating darkened highlights in corners and profiled surfaces. It also enhances the drying time of latex paint, which allows you to manipulate the effects of the glaze. Saltwash is an even better choice than paint because it is made from real sea salt and adheres to just about any surface.

This distressed teal furniture is a great way to add coastal colors to any room. These pieces can serve as extra seats, footrests, or side tables. They are made from veneers or engineered wood and are finished with distressed teal paint. These pieces are easy to work with, and their thin consistency makes them great for use on painted furniture. A glaze finish is also great if you have many layers of paint. If you want to conceal multiple layers of paint, you can apply a polyurethane or wax finish over the glaze finish.

Coastal colors

If you love the look of shabby chic, you might want to give your furniture a coastal makeover. There are several ways to incorporate coastal design elements into painted furniture. For example, you can paint distressed furniture a light, sandy color. You can also incorporate natural textures such as distressed metal pieces or exposed wood. These coastal designs are perfect for those who are DIY-ers, and you can also incorporate them into your home with the help of DIY pick’s extensive project library. For example, if you’d like to give your painted furniture a shabby chic look, you can follow the tutorial on DIYpick’s Rustic Coffee Table. Alternatively, you can purchase reclaimed lumber and paint it a soft color. Once you’ve done this, you can distress the piece to blend in with the Shabby Chic coastal

Another way to add coastal style to your furniture is by choosing coastal-inspired fabrics. Linen is a traditional material that is synonymous with the coastal look. It’s soft and can be rendered in classically coastal neutrals. However, if you’re planning to add coastal decor to your existing furniture, you may want to consider adding a striking light fixture. For the fabric, make sure it’s not too busy. Coastal patterns and colors should be complimentary, not clashing.

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