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How to Get Cow Hide in Black Desert Online

If you’re looking to get a cowhide in Black Desert Online, there are several different ways to go about doing so. There are three major options available: farming the cows themselves, stealing their hides from other players, hunting them down, and making your own. You can also gather items from other mobs wandering around the world. Listed below are some ways to do this. Listed below are a few examples of how to go about gathering items from mobs that wander around Black Desert.

Farming Life Skill for cow farming

One of the most profitable and most peaceful Black Desert Online life skills is cow farming. The cows that you can produce are meat, beef, and ox hide. You can also use special haystacks to feed them. You can purchase high-quality haystacks or use standard ones. You can also build a fence with dried 50 weeds. If you don’t want to spend money on haystacks, you can make one with your own hands.

Farming Life Skill for a tough hide

Farming cowhide is a good way to make beef and tough hide. It is a natural resource that can be processed further with Alchemy. Drying cow, pig, and elephant hides will yield Tough Hide. Tough hide can be used in crafting, Alchemy, and cooking. You can obtain Tough Hide by farming and processing animals. To farm cow hides, you must have a stable with enough sunlight and sunshine is required to harvest the hides.

Farming Life Skill for oxhide

The Black Desert offers an abundance of materials for crafting, including ox hide. This rare resource is a great source of beef and tough hide, as well as the alchemy life skill. While the alchemy stone is covered in a later guide, you should be aware of how to farm for these items. You’ll need many different materials, including rare drops from certain nodes and workers at different nodes. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with elixirs that improve combat, magic crystals that socket armor, and other components for advanced crafting.

Farming Life Skill for boar hide

In Black Desert Online, the Life Skill of Farming cowhide is the most common. However, it is not the most lucrative method of earning gold and silver. Instead, you need to hunt and kill mobs to obtain rare materials, which you can use to craft better goods and sell for profit. One of the fastest ways to increase your Hunting skill is to complete the daily quest lines. If you’d rather not spend time farming, you can also focus on developing Training, another Life Skill in the game.

Farming Life Skill for rhino hide

The game’s farming system allows players to farm any plot of land, anywhere in the world. These crops can be used to craft items such as leather and skin, as well as upgrade alchemy stones and even get the dream horse. It’s one of the most popular uses for Contribution Points (CP), and leveling this skill requires 100 Contribution in Strong Fences. This is the only Life Skill in the game that requires CP; it would take much longer to level it without them.

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