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How to Fill Wood Cracks With Epoxy and Inlay of Turquoise Rustic Furniture

This article covers how to fill wood cracks with epoxy, its benefits, and alternatives. It also covers the costs involved. Watch the video below to learn more. In the meantime, browse through the links below to see some examples. Then, make your decision! You’ll be glad you did! If you’re unsure about whether epoxy is the best choice for your project, read on for tips to avoid it.

How to fill wood cracks with epoxy

To repair wood floors, first, you need to fill porous areas. You can use epoxy resin for this purpose. It is transparent and colorless, but it is difficult to smooth out the edges. To avoid the resin pouring over the edge, you can seal the edges with a piece of stable adhesive tape. It is best to do this after the epoxy has been cured. When the wood has fully cured, you can apply the final coat.

If you are working with rough wood, first plan the surface with an electric plane. Otherwise, get the help of a carpenter or wood supplier to plan it for you. Next, remove the bark and sand the edges using a sander. This is necessary to make the epoxy resin bond well with the surface. Once the epoxy resin has hardened, you can then stain or finish the piece.


For rustic furniture, a prominent wood crack can be filled with a stunning turquoise inlay. The stone will stand out against the wood’s natural beauty and provide a rich pop of color. When working with turquoise, the crack should extend to the backside of the piece. A piece of plumber’s tape should be applied to the edges of the crack to secure the turquoise inlay.

A thin layer of cyanoacrylate is usually enough to fill in the void. However, some types of turquoise are too small for inlay work. This method is not suitable for larger cracks. If you do not have time to create the inlay yourself, you can always use a commercially-produced turquoise rock filler. Some companies sell turquoise rock fillers made from a powder that you mix with epoxy and apply to the cracks. A thin layer of powder should be applied to fine cracks, while a larger chunk should be used for grooves.


To get a gorgeous finish on your rustic furniture, you might want to consider using turquoise inlays. These gorgeous stone accents can be found in a variety of colors and designs, and they can make even the most boring pieces look spectacular. You can find turquoise inlays for your rustic furniture at almost any local home improvement store. If you prefer a more elegant look, you can choose to fill the knots before you purchase them.

When selecting a natural stone for inlay, choose one that is suitable for use in rustic furniture. Turquoise is a very difficult stone to work with, so you should consider using a natural stone such as azurite or malachite. While turquoise is expensive, various products are available to fill wood cracks. For example, turquoise dust can be used as a filler for large areas of wooden bowls.

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