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How to Draw a Hawaiian Tribal Design

If you’ve ever wanted a Kakau tattoo, you’ve come to the right place. These Kakau tattoos will teach you how to draw a shark, lizard, or arrow. These designs are often based on the flora and fauna of the Hawaiian Islands. By following the simple steps in this article, you can easily draw your own tattoo. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a master artist to get this tattoo. All you need is some practice, teamwork, and passion.

Kakau tattoos

Kakau tattoos are unique to the Hawaiian Islands and incorporate different types of tribal designs into one tattoo. This is an ancient Hawaiian tattooing technique that involves cutting the skin open with a bone, then adding pigment to the wound. The pigment comes from the ash and soot of the kukui tree. This is a very painful process, but the finished product will be an incredible work of art.

Kakau arrow tattoo

A Kakau arrow is a popular symbol in Hawaiian culture and is commonly used as part of a larger, more intricate design. The symbol is often a combination of tribal patterns, such as the hibiscus flower, which represents friendship and enlightenment. The gecko, another traditional Polynesian animal, was feared by ancient Hawaiians because it could stick to almost anything. The gecko was considered a symbol of bad luck because it was seen as a harbinger of bad luck, and its omens often made them stronger.

Kakau lizard tattoo

The Kakadu lizard is an iconic and incredibly popular animal in Hawaiian tribal tattoo designs. These tattoos are often made of ash and soot and require painstaking carving on the body. They also represent the island’s cultural heritage and can make for a beautiful Polynesian tattoo. Learn how to draw a Kakau lizard tattoo to get the design you’ve always wanted.

Kakau shark tattoo

The Kakadu shark is a symbol of power and ferocity. This animal has also been called a spearhead. It is typically shaped as a triangle with a line through the middle. The shape of the spearhead is expressed through shading. This tattoo design can be done in two or more layers. If you’d like a larger tattoo, you can also place two kakau sharks on top of each other.

Kakau arrow

In Hawaiian culture, the Kakau arrow has great symbolic meaning. In this design, the arrows point to the sky and the kakau arrow indicates its direction. The arrow symbolizes peace and fertility and is commonly seen on the backs of both men and women. The symbol is also a common element in Maori tattoos. The Kakau arrow can represent long life, long health, and protection. The design can be in the form of a linear design or can be symbolic.

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