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How to Do Southwestern Decor in Your Home

Whether you’re looking for an authentic Southwestern feel or are trying to make a statement with geometric patterns and bold colors, we have the answers to your decorating questions. Modern Nomadic southwestern decor is a great way to incorporate southwestern elements in your home. From geometric patterns to cacti, these decor ideas are sure to make an impact on your guests. You can easily implement them into your decor in your home.

Modern Nomadic southwestern decor

Modern Nomadic southwestern decor has elements of southwestern decor from many cultures and times. This style of decor is influenced by native American cultures as well as Mexican Aztec designs. Although these cultures were far from each other, their designs share many similarities. These similarities are evident in the use of blankets and throw pillows in this modern southwestern decor scheme. Another great way to add this style to your home is to decorate with leather furniture.

Geometric patterns

Using geometric patterns in southwestern decor is a fun way to add a pop of pattern to your room. Geometric prints have been used for decades in southwestern and Indian decor. In the 60s, modern geometric prints made their way into interior design. Geometric prints add a fresh, modern look to any room, and they also create a striking focal point in a rustic room. Geometric patterns can be used in small amounts throughout a room, and can spice up current design without breaking the bank.

Bold colors

If you’re in the market to buy a home in Tucson, AZ, you’ll probably want to avoid the bold colors. They might scare off potential buyers, so it’s best to stick with neutral colors. This will allow you to change up the accessories as you like. Bold colors are an important part of southwest decor, but they’re not the only way to bring a theme to life. Spanish and native Americans also believe that colors are powerful protections against evil spirits.


There are many reasons to incorporate cacti into your southwestern decor. They’re versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the towering saguaro to the cute barrel cactus. You can even plant cacti in terra cotta pots. And unlike flowers, cacti are forever green, so you can buy a bunch and have them for a long time.

Leather ottomans

If you’re looking for a comfortable and unique way to add a touch of western style to your living room, consider a leather ottoman. These versatile pieces add a rustic look to any room, and their beautiful coloration and leather upholstery is the perfect way to give your space a unique look. You can also buy one with a southwestern or country theme. Just make sure to find one made of leather to go with your existing decor.

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