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How to Do Rustic But Not Trendy in Decor

There are many ways to incorporate rustic design into your home decor. One way is to use rustic furniture. You can find tables, beds, and other items made from unrefined tree trunks. Rustic furniture gives you a sense of authentic belonging. Rustic interior design is most commonly seen in the kitchen since it is often the center of the home and the most-used room in the house. The modern rustic interior design keeps the room functional, so it is best not to overdo the decor with decorative items. It also means that you can place decorative items in other areas of your home without overdoing them.

Natural materials

To achieve a rustic look, incorporate raw materials into your decor. Wood, stone, and driftwood are some of the most popular choices. This style also tends to use neutral colors and features natural materials, such as leather, fabric, and linen. A rustic look is both charming and comfortable. This style is also a good fit for the country style. To create a room that is rustic and not trendy, try using a warm color scheme that reflects your personality.

Simple decor

Achieve a warm, homey look by adding pieces of furniture made of old wood or wire. Old antique baskets add a worn-in appearance and function as storage. An old bushel basket adds warmth and farmhouse nostalgia to your space. These baskets also make excellent storage containers for knitting supplies, magazines, and more. Simple rustic decor ideas aren’t limited to wood, however. Wooden accessories are another great option.

Neutral color palette

Black and brown are a classic pairing. These two neutral colors blend well with earth tones and rich jewel tones like cobalt. They also work well with all decade’s decor. Black and brown are also great choices for furniture, especially rustic wood pieces and cream cushions. They are neutral and incredibly versatile. A good example of a black and brown color scheme is this rustic kitchen. We love the look of a black and brown kitchen and think they’d look great in any room.

Using man-made materials

If you’re looking for rustic but not trendy decor, you’ve come to the right place. Rustic design favors natural materials over man-made ones, so synthetics are out. Reclaimed wood is the preferred material, and you should consider installing a wood-burning stove for a rustic feel. Animal hides are another great way to tie in your decor. For example, Southern Motion sells a rustic oak sofa covered in dark natural leather.

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