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How to DIY Coastal Decor

DIY coastal decor is an excellent way to decorate a home that has a calming coastal feel. Here are some tips on how to create coastal-inspired decor for your home. Coastal-style decor is often made of natural materials, such as wood and shells. These materials can be used to create many different items, including candle holders, cloches, wall art, and mirrors. Listed below are a few of the most common items used in coastal home decor.

Coastal Farmhouse Mirror

If you are interested in making a rustic or farmhouse style mirror, you should consider DIY projects. A DIY Mirror can be made by painting or staining a mirror purchased at a store. Or, you can make one yourself out of a cake tin. In the case of the DIY Wood Slice Mirror, you can create a rustic nautical decor mirror. The following tutorials will show you how to make one yourself.

Coastal Candle Holder

Adding beach decor to any room can be as simple as creating a DIY coastal candle holder. Using rope to wrap a surface and hot glue to secure, you can then add sea shells to decorate. Use black rope to conceal any imperfections. Colorful surfaces may need to be painted black first. If you don’t have black rope, try a contrasting color. You can also purchase nautical-themed seashell candles, which are a great way to add the look of a tropical beach to your room.

Coastal Cloche

Whether you love the sea, the beach, or nautical décor, a glass cloche will enhance the beauty of your treasures. You can choose a dome that features a single treasure from the beach, or create a display of your entire shell collection. Choose from different styles, including cloche domes that come with bases or stand alone. Whether you opt for a baseless design, you can place the cloche on a plate or cake stand.

Coastal Wall Art

If you are looking for coastal decor ideas but are not sure how to start, it is possible to make your own. Using a mold and different colors of string, you can create a unique seaside wall art. The possibilities are endless! You can also frame photos of the beach for a fun and personal touch. These coastal wall decor ideas are both practical and fun to make! Keep reading to learn more! And don’t forget to check out the craft tutorials for more great ideas!

Coastal Planter

Whether you’re on a budget or are trying to add some sand and seashells to your patio, you can make a coastal planter using simple supplies. Plants look great in these planters and will add a touch of summer to your home. These beautiful containers are easy to make, and will cost you less than $50 to make. Here are some tips to help you make your own. Once you’ve purchased all the necessary supplies, it’s time to begin planting.

Coastal Wall Art with Starfish

Create a beachy atmosphere with DIY coastal wall art with starfish. The starfish stencil is a versatile design that you can use for all kinds of DIY projects. You can use it to create a single motif or a whole pattern.

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