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How to Design Your Own Tribal Tattoo

Wild tribal tattoo designs can have many ramifications. The mandala is one example of a creative tattoo symbol. Originally used for religious purposes, mandalas have many ramifications today but are also an excellent choice for tattoos. The sun, for example, is a great symbol of energy, so it makes a perfect addition to many tattoo patterns. Listed below are some examples of how to design your own tribal tattoo.


A design with a dragonfly can be very feminine or dramatic depending on the wearer’s preferences. This popular design combines the symbolism of faith with the boldness of tribal art. The dragonfly represents harmony, love, and balance. A tribal tattoo is a unique way to personalize one’s body and express their personal style. A tattoo of this creature can also serve as a reminder of its personal meaning.


When considering a tribal tattoo, consider what you want it to represent. You can combine a single pattern with other patterns, creating a unique design. A tribal tattoo can represent a person’s faith or a specific religious theme. Often, a tattoo design features a cross, a symbol of faith, and the design is often quite masculine. However, it is important to consider where you want the tattoo to be placed, as this can also play into the meaning behind the design.


Depending on where the design will be placed on the body, choosing the size of a tribal tattoo can be a challenging task. Tribal tattoos come in many different styles, so the size you choose is as important as the design. Some people place their tattoos in a prominent area, like on the back, while others choose smaller areas. In general, the bigger the design, the better. There are some exceptions, though, and the placement of a tattoo is a very personal decision.


The most common location for tribal tattoos is the hand. You’ll be sure to attract attention with a black tribal design on the front of your hand. Many tribal cultures are centered around the sun, so you’ll also want to choose a design that reflects the sun’s significance in your life. Most Hawaiians place a great deal of value on light, creativity, and leadership. The humpback whale is one of the most important creatures in Hawaiian culture, representing spiritual sustenance and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Turtles, the most sacred of all creatures in Hawaiian culture, are also revered and symbolize good luck.


There are many tips to remember when taking care of your tribal tattoo. You should avoid over-moisturizing your new ink. Instead, make sure you moisturize your skin to a degree that’s equivalent to that of the rest of the body. Applying too much moisture to your new ink could lead to pimples. Following these tips can help your tattoo heal faster. Here are some of the best products for aftercare.

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