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How to Design My Life Story Into a Tattoo Using Polynesian Tribal Designs

Getting a Polynesian tribal tattoo can be a life-changing experience. There are several things to consider before getting one, including the meaning of the designs, the pain of the tattoo, and the symbolism. Read on to learn more. Polynesian tribal tattoos date back over 2000 years and are as diverse as the people who wear them. Polynesian tribal tattoos tell a story, a sign of identity, and a call to culture.


Inked with the power of Polynesian tribal symbolism, Dwayne Johnson’s sleeve is one example of an impressive Polynesian tattoo. The Samoan tattoo incorporates many different symbols and is typically large and placed on the arm. Samoan tattoos consist of long strokes with linear elements. They’re popular among Polynesian tattoo lovers. Symbolic tattoos that incorporate the shark teeth represent courage, fero, and adaptability. The shark’s teeth are part of most Polynesian tattoos. Symbolism is usually found in combination with other elements of a fish.


Depending on where you place it on your body, the meaning of Polynesian tribal tattoos can vary. The design can indicate endurance, acceptance in society, or spiritual growth. Polynesian tattoos can be seen as visible signs of rank or ancestral blood. They can also offer spiritual protection. They represent the human body and the relationship between the two, the earth and the gods. Upper body tattoos are often associated with warriors and the lower body represents creative expression.

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Polynesian tribal tattoos can have a lot of meaning. Many Polynesian tribal tattoos feature a turtle, which represents resourcefulness, endurance, and longevity. These designs also serve as reminders to live life to the fullest. When choosing your Polynesian tattoo, placement is an important consideration. If you want a tattoo to represent strength, consider placing it on your upper arm or shoulder.


If you’ve ever dreamed of having a tribal tattoo but never had the courage to go ahead with it, you may want to reconsider. Polynesian tattoos are not meant to be ornate and complicated. Rather, they are meant to depict the person’s life story. All of the elements of the design will be decided upon by the tattoo owner, who will then work them into a concise illustration. Before having the tattoo done, the tattoo artist will work with you to come up with the perfect design.


If you are looking for a Polynesian tribal tattoo, then you’ve come to the right place. While the price range for Polynesian tattoos is generally between $300 and $600 USD, the average cost of a Polynesian tribal tattoo is approximately 60,000 xpf (around $600 USD). Prices can vary greatly, and some designs are more complex than others. Depending on the complexity and length of the design, Polynesian tattoos can run anywhere from fifteen to eighty hours.

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