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How to Design a Tribal Tattoo With Meaning

If you’re wondering how to design a tribal tattoo with meaning, consider the many different choices that exist. For example, the Sun goes with the moon, representing a merging of opposites. The Turtle, in contrast, represents courage. Both are powerful symbols that make an excellent statement piece for any body part. And don’t forget the owl, a symbol of knowledge. Both are beautiful and unique.

Elephant tattoos are a statement piece

Whether you are looking for a simple design that will stand out from the crowd or a bold tattoo that will make a statement, elephants are a great choice. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, so tattoos that feature an older elephant are the best choice. Baby elephants, on the other hand, are much cuter, with limpid eyes and pastel coloring. Medium-sized tattoos look great on the arm, and you can even use shading to make the elephant’s profile really stand out.

Sun goes with the moon to represent a merging of opposites

The Sun and the Moon go hand in hand, so to speak, in a tribal tattoo design. Often used together to represent the merging of opposites, this design evokes an underlying theme of rebirth. While the sun and moon are powerful opposites, their meanings vary from culture to culture. Regardless of their differences, the symbolism is universal.

Owl tattoos are a symbol of knowledge

If you’re considering getting an owl tattoo, the symbolism behind this bird is extensive. Though it varies from culture to culture, owls are associated with knowledge and wisdom and have also come to symbolize protection and death. Native Americans viewed owls as protectors and symbols of wisdom, while some tribes regarded them as evil medicine men. Regardless of the cultural associations, you should do some research before getting an owl tattoo.

Turtle tattoos are a symbol of courage

People have often worn turtle tattoos as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and faithfulness. These tattoos are also common among soldiers, who often use the symbol to symbolize their loyalty to their country. Though they are slow-moving animals, turtles still embody the motto “slow and steady wins the race.”

Turtle tattoos are a symbol of protection from departed spirits

A Turtle tattoo is a wonderful way to protect yourself from the spirit world, as the animal’s resemblance to your own totem animal suggests. Turtles live close to Mother Nature and are often called upon for guidance and protection. Their energy is ever-present and protects you from negative energy. In fact, turtles are known to protect their owners by sticking out their necks to search for food.

Owl tattoos are a symbol of masculinity

There are many reasons why owls are an excellent choice for a tattoo. They are nocturnal birds with keen vision. Symbolizing intelligence, alertness, and thoughtfulness, owl tattoos have a strong masculine impact. Not to mention that owls have such cool imagery! Read on to learn more about owl tattoos. Let us explore why owls make excellent tattoos!

Owl tattoos represent patience

An owl on your tattoo symbolizes patience, and the nocturnal animal is a symbol of quiet reflection and deep knowledge. This design can be made with more details and features if you so desire. An owl tattoo is a perfect way to show this trait in your life. It’s also great for a night-time tattoo, as owls are the ultimate night watchers.

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