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How to Design a Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

Whether you’re looking to add some Polynesian culture to your body or simply want a more traditional tattoo, there are several great tattoo ideas that you can get from this article. Polynesian designs are traditionally a representation of the children of Rangi and Papa, the gods of Heaven and Earth. According to legend, they had seventy children, and as they grew older they debated whether or not Rangi and Papa should be separated. Nevertheless, this ancient story does not mean that you should let go of your tattoo and choose to be separate from your tribe.

Shark teeth

One of the most popular types of Polynesian tribal tattoos is that featuring shark teeth. This design is often used as a representation of a deified ancestor, supernatural entity, or tree roots. Other examples include bonito and trochus shells. The teeth of these creatures are often inked in a circular pattern that encircles the hand. In addition, the hand is also a symbol of the sun.


If you’re considering a Polynesian tattoo, you’re not alone. In Polynesian culture, the spearhead is an important symbol for men. It represents willpower, courage, and dominance, as well as the ability to protect yourself from harm. In addition to their mystical significance, spearheads are a classic design element that can be seen in almost every Polynesian tattoo. The spearhead isn’t just for warriors, however. It’s also the perfect tattoo for your inner warrior. And sometimes the battle we fight is the most important one of all.


A Polynesian spearhead is an iconic symbol of courage, power, and bravery. Inked across the back, the spearhead is a colorful representation of combativeness and vigilance. The design may represent a single spearhead or a row of them. The ocean itself represents life and fertility, and a row of spearheads is a great addition to a tattoo.

Lion tattoo

The tribal lion tattoo is a popular choice for men, and it’s an expressive and stylish piece of body art. Whether you want a bold and expressive design or something a little more subtle, there are several styles to choose from. This style is also known to be masculine, which makes it an ideal choice for a man. But how do you choose the perfect design? Here are a few tips to help you decide.


Enata’s Polynesian tribe is known for its sleeve-length, intricate design. The Enata symbol can be male or female and represents many different things. In addition to being an important symbol, it also holds spiritual significance relating to relationships. Inverted data depict fallen enemies, while the pattern on the sleeve-length sleeve represents ancestors guarding living relatives. Data also represents the sky, which is a symbol of life and death, as well as protection.


An elephant tattoo has many meanings. In many cultures, an elephant is a symbol of good luck and good fortune. In ancient Buddhism, an elephant appeared in the dream of the Buddha’s mother and is a symbol of wisdom and fertility. It also symbolizes strength, perseverance, and spirituality. These are all reasons why an elephant tattoo is a great choice for someone who loves animals. Learn how to design an elephant tattoo, and get inked!

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