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How to Decorate Inside With Earthy and Rustic Decor

If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate the inside with an earthy and rustic style, you’ll want to follow some of the same principles that make the outdoors so cozy and beautiful. For example, choose a neutral color palette. Embrace natural elements such as whitewashed walls and unfinished wood furniture. You may even want to incorporate some rustic furniture, like antique chests. To get started, try these four simple tips.

Natural elements

If you’re wondering how to decorate the inside with earthy and rustic decor, the following tips will help you get started. The rustic style emphasizes natural materials, warm tones, and comfortable furnishings. This look is equally at home in a modern home or a traditional one. If your home is built of stone, brick, or wood, then consider making the most of these features by adding rustic furniture, accents, and accessories.

Neutral color palette

For a neutral color palette for earthy and rustic decor, try using shades of gray, sandstone, and olive tones. Alternatively, choose a monochromatic look to create a more striking effect. Grey is a great foundational color and pairs well with all types of decor, and white walls can be a striking contrast. Just be sure to avoid too much white, as it can appear sterile.

Unfinished wood

If you’ve been considering a new design style, you may be wondering how to decorate the inside with earthy and rustic decor. The good news is that rustic decor is relatively easy to achieve and doesn’t require much effort. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a natural feel into your home. To make this look work for you, consider combining unfinished wood with softer fabrics. You can use warm, natural tones and neutral patterns for a rustic vibe.

Whitewashed walls

You can also use this theme to create a more neutral look in a country-style home. Dark wood walls and beams pair nicely with earthy shades of white and cream, while black and grey will balance out the space. But don’t feel limited by the “neutral” category. The rustic look also works well with deep-toned accent colors such as Rockwood Red by Sherwin Williams.

Weathered hardware

If you’re looking for a quick way to create a rustic look inside your home, weathered hardware may be your answer. This inexpensive material is perfect for bringing a cabin or log cabin feel inside. It can be added to wooden furniture to create a distressed look or used to accent an existing piece. If you’d prefer to use the rustic look without spending a fortune, consider adding matte black hardware to wooden furniture.

Natural textiles

When incorporating a rustic look into your home, you should make sure to use natural fabrics. These textiles are the quintessential elements of this type of decor. Use them on your furniture, as tablecloths and window treatments, or as decorative throw pillow covers. Woven baskets, handmade furniture, and rustic furniture finishes are all great ways to incorporate these natural materials into your decor. Regardless of the size of your home, rustic decor can add a warm, inviting atmosphere to any space.


A look that combines greenery with a rustic feel is possible with plants. The Fiddle Leaf Fig, for example, comes in bush or tree form and will add depth to any room. Its unique texture and deep green color also lend themselves to a farmhouse-inspired interior design. Here are some suggestions for plants that go well with a farmhouse-themed interior:

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