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How to Decorate a Rustic Living Room

There are many ways to decorate a living room to give it a country or rustic feel. You can add a second color to the room, hang a rustic mirror, or create a cluster wall. A cowboy hat is a wonderful addition as well. You can also add rustic shelves to the room. You can use these to display dried flowers and other rustic decor. They are easy to assemble and look great on shabby chic walls.

Adding a second color to your living room

Adding a second color to your living space is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm. Rustic living rooms usually welcome color. For example, you can add accents of red in the form of throw pillows and other accessories. If the white backdrop is too stark for your taste, you can opt for elegant pastel shades. These colors are both classic and timeless.

Adding a rustic mirror

If you have a rustic living room, consider adding a rustic mirror. These items are an excellent choice for your rustic living room decor, as they not only add light but also add a sense of space. If you want to emphasize your home’s bohemian style, try an artisanal wall mirror. The raffia design on the mirror emphasizes this vibe while blending in with the other decor in the room.

Adding a cluster wall

Whether you want to create a more creative look or simply want to add some personal touch to your living room, a cluster wall can help you achieve your decorating goals. With this design, you can use many different items and create a story with them. The key is to select the right colors and textures to match the rest of the decor in the room. Here are some tips for creating a cluster wall that will complement your rustic living room.

Adding a cowboy hat

If you’d like to incorporate a western motif into your living room, you can start by adding a rustic hanger for your cowboy hat. A cowboy hat looks much more stylish when it hangs on a rack that is made of wood or metal. Consider buying a rustic tree-style hanger that will accommodate eight cowboy hats evenly. This style also adds a fashionable element to your decor.

Adding a seashell

If you’d like to add some coastal flair to your living room, seashells are a great way to do so. The endless possibilities for seashell decor are practically endless. Try creating a DIY seashell wall hanging or vase. You can also decorate your home with seashells by using them as home decor in pots. Edenmakers have some great ideas for showcasing seashells.

Adding a wainscot

If you want to add a wainscot to a rural living room, the first step is to purchase wainscoting panels. You can purchase these ready-made or do-it-yourself. Light fiberboard or MDF is a good option for beginning DIYers. Then, cut them to size. Contemporary wainscots are also available. Musso recommends watching how-to videos on YouTube before beginning. Renting a nail gun is a good idea as well, as it makes installation easier.

Adding a piece of art

Rustic living rooms can be modern or rustic. You can use an exposed brick wall or rough wooden rafters to create a streamlined look while adding modern touches like a silver sofa or Eames lounger. For a playful edge, you can include geometric coffee tables made of black and white squares. You can also display vivid band photos leaning against the wall, or decorate a monochrome board with your favorite travel images.

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