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How to Decorate a Home Southwestern Style

There are plenty of tips for incorporating southwestern decor into your home. For example, white walls and big wooden beams always look great with southwestern-style interior design. Incorporating macrame into your decor is also a great way to incorporate southwestern themes. While old-school hippie macrame is made from thick fibre, newer versions are more refined and are inspired by Native American dreamcatchers.

Bringing the sun indoors

When you’re considering how to incorporate a Southwestern design into your home, one of the best ways to add natural light is to install a skylight. Not only does this provide natural light, but it also gives a distinctly Southwestern vibe to your space. Home Addict points out that skylights can add a touch of natural light to a room, especially to dark hallways or corner spaces. If you can’t afford a skylight, however, you can still get the same look by installing bright recessed lighting.

Adding a large sun motif

If you’re decorating with a Southwestern theme, consider incorporating a large sun motif in your space. It will accentuate your desert decor while bringing a touch of color and drama to your decor. The desert is known for its dramatic sunsets, and you can incorporate this element into your Southwestern decor by choosing lighting that warms up the brown and pink tones. The Sprite Sun Face Panel 3D Metal Wall Art measures 34 inches high by 24 inches wide and 0.5 inches deep.

Adding fringed accents

Adding fringed accents to your home can add texture and interest to the Southwestern style. Although fringe is not necessarily a requirement for Southwestern decor, it will help you achieve the desired effect. For example, you can add fringe to lampshades or blankets. Keep in mind, however, that too much fringe will overwhelm the space and ruin the entire aesthetic. Instead, add just a few pieces of fringe to the room to make a statement.

Adding adobe fireplaces

Adding adobe fireplaces is a fantastic way to add a southwestern theme to your home. The traditional fireplaces found in many homes across the Southwest can be retrofitted with an Adobe surround. While this may seem like a huge undertaking, you can easily build your own. There are 5 major components to a kiva fireplace. Each component is easy to build, and each can be customized to suit your individual tastes and design style.

Using talavera tiles

If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate Mexican flair into your home, you’ve probably considered talavera tiles. These Mexican handmade tiles are the perfect way to incorporate a bold theme into your home. Because they’re handmade, you’ll find variations in color and imperfections in the finishes. These tiles have a rustic, handmade look that’s perfect for many projects. Each tile is a work of art.

Introducing Aztec patterns

Introducing Aztec patterns to decorate a house is a great way to add Southwest flair to a room. The geometric patterns and vibrant colours are a perfect complement to a neutral couch or bedroom. Placemats adorned with Aztec patterns can be placed on a table in an informal setting or on a wall. Once they have been finished, they can be displayed anywhere in the house. The next step is to choose the right fabric for the project. Then, cut the fabric into four equal sections. Taking care to stick to the same sequence, tie the strips together in a pattern.

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