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How to Decorate a Craft Tent With Beach Decor

If you’re not a crafty person, you can still make your own beach-themed decor by combining PVC pipes and rolled shower curtains. In addition to making your own beach-themed crafts, you can also make your own coastal rope charger or stick beach plaque. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Just follow the steps in the article for each. You’ll have a beautiful tent that’s ready to go in no time!

DIY seashore windchimes

To decorate a tent with seashore windchimes, gather up a handful of shells and pieces of sea glass. String the strands together, making sure they hit each other. Once they’re all strung together, you can use a hammer or a screwdriver to make a hole big enough for a chain to fit through. Once the hole is made, seal it with tape.

For a quick project, make some DIY seashell windchimes. Use your favorite beads or necklace charms as the components. You can also use driftwood and metal washers as bases. Use the beads to add some color and to make the windchimes more unique. They’re a fun way to remember your seaside vacation. Just be sure to make them unique to you! You can paint your seashell windchimes, too, and place them anywhere on the shell that has holes.

DIY coastal rope charger

You can transform a plain mirror into a nautical rope charger. Or, you can create your own seashore windchimes using driftwood, buttons, beads, and seashells. Nikki Wills used a rope charger to decorate her craft tent. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find inspiration in this project. And once you’re done, you can pack it away when the sun sets. This project also doubles as a great conversation starter.

DIY stick beach plaque

You can create a DIY stick beach plaque to decorate a craft or holiday tent. Simply gather craft sticks, glue, pebbles, starfish, sand, and glitter and stick them on a large piece of wood. This piece of decor is perfect for the beach or holiday home! You can hang it anywhere you want. And because it’s DIY, you can customize it to fit your needs!

First, cut two sticks about three inches long. Then, tie a string around a sea glass or shell to make the beach plaque. Tie a second string to the top stick. Next, glue the remaining stick on top of the two triangles. Once the glue dries, display the beach sign for all to see. It’s time to get ready for summer! Make a craft tent to celebrate summer by making your own DIY stick beach plaque!

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