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How To Decorate a Bedroom in Ocean Beach Sailing Decor

The inspiration for this decorating style is all around us – seashells, stripes, natural fibers, and stripes! But how to incorporate these elements into a bedroom? Here are some ideas. To get the look you want, choose natural materials, such as jute rugs, and incorporate these elements into the bedroom. Don’t forget to incorporate natural elements in your bedroom – you can do so by incorporating a jute rug underneath your bed or your sitting area.


Adding nautical accents to your decor will give your bedroom a nautical feel. Hang seashell-inspired artwork for a unique look. You can even buy a seashell-shaped night light to add to the ambiance. Hanging seashell-adorned artwork is a great way to incorporate a beach theme into your bedroom while keeping it affordable. You can also add color to the light bulbs by choosing seashell-inspired bulbs.

Natural materials

A bedroom decorated with ocean-themed nautical accessories should be made with natural materials, including wood. Hardwood flooring and wooden furniture go well with coastal decor. Natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are also appropriate for this look. Seashells, starfish, and other sea creatures add a whimsical touch to the bedroom. Other natural materials include canvas and cotton sheers. A nautical map or a signal flag also looks great on the walls.


If you’re thinking about adding stripes to your ocean beach sailing decor, it’s easy to get carried away. After all, stripes have become a popular trend. But what makes stripes work in a nautical-themed home? Laura Barnard, buying manager at Arlo & Jacob, provides a few tips. Avoid stripes that feel cliche and stick to a sustainable color palette. Below are some ways to incorporate stripes into your nautical home.


For a nautical-themed bedroom, you can opt for white shiplap wood walls. Shiplap wood is made of thin, overlapping boards. It matches nautical and coastal decors beautifully and is an excellent accent wall. This material is easy to work with because it blends well with many colors and styles. White shiplap wood is also a great choice if you want a minimalist look in your bedroom. If you don’t want to use shiplap wood on your walls, you can go for a nautical-themed bedspread.

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