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How to Decorate a Beach Look With Dark Furniture

While the traditional beach look is not easy to pull off with dark furniture, it isn’t impossible to achieve a similar look with whitewashed oak coffee tables, light-colored drapes, and hardwood floors. Depending on the style of your home, a whitewashed oak coffee table can work just as well as a drab, black coffee table. A plant on a side table will complete the look, as will a whitewashed oak coffee table.

Whitewashed oak coffee table

Coastal Beach White Oak Cocktail Table takes inspiration from the white sand beaches on the east coast. This table captures the Coastal Beach Decor style by bringing the outside garden into the home. Its terrace gray table top sits atop a square pedestal base with distressed white-washed linen. Its rounded shape and two drawers make it a perfect choice for your living room.

Lightly colored drapery

If you are decorating your home with dark furnishings, you should consider using brightly colored drapery to soften the dark colors. Not only can these pieces complement each other, they will also create focal points throughout the room. Using light-colored drapery will also help you achieve a beach look without taking away from the furniture’s dark color. The brightness of your drapery should be proportionate to the amount of darkness of the furniture. To add to the beach look, you can use bamboo blinds or shades. If you have a coastal theme, you can also add a few pieces of artwork to bring out the theme throughout the space.

Lightly colored hardwood floors

If you’re looking for a look that’s perfect for a beach house, light-colored hardwood floors are the way to go. They’re low maintenance and easy to clean. But the downside to hardwood floors is that they can be scratched and warped by moisture. So make sure you choose a flooring option that isn’t susceptible to this problem. Consider getting engineered hardwood flooring instead of solid hardwood to prevent this problem.


You can make your dark furniture beachy by pairing it with bright art, plants, and accessories. Other beachy decor pieces you can use are shell-shaped wall decorations and floor coverings. Arrange these items strategically around the room for an eclectic look. Plants will help offset the distressed feeling created by the dark furniture. Try contrasting the colors of your dark furniture with white or cream walls. Then, add a few accent pieces that are complementary to the room’s other decor elements.

Neutral color scheme

A neutral color scheme for a beach look is a great way to add some coastal flair to a room. It evokes a calm and relaxed vibe. You can add some texture with faux fur and colorful pillows while adding a bit of beach culture to the space. You can also choose artwork that reflects beach culture and features black frames. If you have dark furniture, you can add rattan accent chairs or woven baskets to complete the look.

Slipcovered furniture

Incorporating woven textures and natural wood tones into a coastal living room will help you create a coastal-chic feel. The addition of coastal-inspired pillows will round out the look. And when it comes to slipcovered furniture, there are two types of slipcovers: linen and cotton. For a contemporary coastal look, choose an ivory cotton slipcover sofa with a sea glass-inspired throw pillow.

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