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How to Decor One Area Into Two Rustic Areas

In this article, we will look at how to decorate one area into two rustic areas using natural wood elements, reclaimed architectural elements, chalkboard signs, and troughs. Using a variety of these elements can help you transform one area into two rustic areas with minimal effort. For even more ideas, read the other parts of this article! We’ve listed our three favorite ways to make one area look rustic.

Using a trough to create two rustic areas

Decorative concrete troughs are an inexpensive and effective way to add a rustic look to your patio. Also known as a hypertufa container, these are made from porous materials such as cement and sand. Although they can be costly to purchase premade, you can make them at home. Just make sure that you do your work outside in a well-ventilated area.

When finished, the planter should be covered with a plastic garbage bag and left outdoors to dry. Watering the planter with a hose should neutralize the cement’s alkaline nature. Do not forget to add gravel or granite grit for drainage. Once the plaster dries, you can add the finishing touches to it. However, it is best to wait a few days before watering.

Using natural wood elements

A modern rustic interior design makes use of exterior lighting to add to the room’s ambiance. Wooden elements, such as exposed beams and wood flooring, create an airy, light atmosphere. These elements pair well with modern decor, which tends to have sleek lines. In this case, adding natural wood elements to one area will help to create two distinct rustic areas. Here are some ideas to use wood in your decor:

To create a rustic atmosphere in your living room, consider adding a large wall art sign or a lantern on your entertainment console. The rustic wood will blend well with other elements, such as woven baskets and leafy fern frond pictures. For a contemporary take on the rustic theme, try a white silhouette of a Birch tree that shows off its character. You can mount this over your couch to create an island-inspired setting.

Using reclaimed architectural elements

If you want to make one area into two rustic rooms, reclaimed architectural elements are a great way to accomplish that goal. Not only can these pieces be used to dress up a room, but they also make the entire place look much more spacious. You can even use reclaimed elements inside your home, like beams or windows, in a similar way. For example, you can use salvaged exterior house parts to create a headboard, footboard, and more. Alternatively, you can turn a flat door into a headboard and a sidelight with tin ceiling panels as a footboard. If you like the idea of a canopy, reclaimed wood may be the perfect choice for you.

Architectural salvage can add a unique and charming character to a home, whether it’s a historic home or a contemporary one. Adding these pieces can create two rustic areas within one space, one with an industrial feel, and the other with a vintage theme. The best way to create a charming vintage feel is to incorporate reclaimed pieces into the room’s decor. Antique mantels, for example, can give a room timeless charm and contrast with deep blue-gray walls.

Using chalkboard signs

If you’re tired of the same old rustic decor, you can easily turn a single wooden wall into two separate rustic rooms with a simple DIY project: a chalkboard sign. You can use one of these signs as a menu in your kitchen, a welcoming welcome sign for your guesthouse, or simply to make your home look more rustic. To get started, simply cut a 17.5 x 11-inch piece of MDF from your local craft store, and paint it in white chalkboard paint. Be sure to allow the wood to dry completely before you build your sign, and use clamps to secure the board to the frame.

If you’re planning to decorate one area into two rustic areas, you can use a chalkboard sign to announce a special occasion, such as the wedding anniversary, or to tell guests the names of the newlyweds. You can also use chalkboard signs to inform guests of important details, such as where to get a drink or where to place gifts. Another use for chalkboard signs is to designate one side of the sink for bathroom supplies and reminders to clean hands.

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