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How to Cut Cow Hide With Fur

To begin leather smithing, you need to know how to cut cowhide with a sharp knife. Then you can cut the leather with the blade perpendicular to the surface of the hide. Be sure to sand the edges before continuing. Avoid overextending your arm and hand because they could roll. It will be difficult to cut leather if you have a large hand. Here are some basic tips to follow to cut leather with a sharp knife:


When it comes to cutting cowhide, there are a few basic leather-smithing tools that you should have. These include a stitching groover, a wing divider, and a leatherworking awl. A stitching groover is a special tool that has a rounded end and a flat base. The rounded end helps you apply surface pressure to the leather while making small holes. You can also use this tool to sew thick leather.


Before you start carving, you should first prepare the cowhide by fleshing it out. This means removing excess muscle, fat, and flesh. The hide should then be dried naturally. After this, you must wash the hide with clean water. When the hide is soft, it is ready to be cut. It usually takes several hours to fully soften before you can begin carving. The next step is to wash away any debris.


If you are planning to begin your career in leather smithing, you should be armed with the proper supplies. These include tools, chemicals, and furs. You also may need to purchase some rubber or contact cement to make your leatherwork a little more durable. These are powerful substances, and they produce toxic fumes if not used properly. You should always work in a well-ventilated space, and you should consider purchasing a respirator to protect yourself from these fumes.

Calculating ounces of leather

In the garment industry, it is common to measure thickness in ounces. But in leather, the measurement varies greatly. Large hides can be much thicker than smaller ones, so you may need to convert ounce weight to thickness. To determine the right amount of leather, you should first determine the thickness of the hide. In general, hides that are less than one-half inch thick are measured in ounces.

Carving a carcass

When learning the art of leather smithing, carve a carcass. This process requires a properly-sleaved carcass with skin intact. Animated and drained carcasses will not yield any leather. You must kill the animal to gain its hides, though. Dragons, for instance, will give you dragon scales, blood, and leather. To learn how to carve a carcass, follow the steps below:

Sharp knives

There are several types of sharp knives used in leather smithing. You can use round knives for basic shapes, while curved knives are ideal for trimming threads and tiny details. A straight knife is great for cutting edgework, seams, and trim work. You can also use sharp point knives to cut thicker leather. A good knife for leather crafting should be under seven inches long and will work for beginners and professionals alike.

Using a pen

To use a pen to cut cowhide with fur, first, download the pattern you want on cardstock or another sturdy material. This material is easier to trace around and will hold up better over time. Next, set your printer to the correct size. Printing the pattern will reduce the size of the finished product if you set it to fit the page. Make sure to check the original pattern before cutting. The pattern should be 4.5 cm wide by 5.5 cm long, so make sure to measure the leather carefully. If you do not know the exact size of the pattern, crop the image after printing it to make it the right size.

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